Pinterest crosses 100 million MAU and that’s not the most interesting thing you are going to read here.

September 17, Pinterest announced that 100 million people use the service each month, with the number of users doubling in the last 18 months.

As amazing as it sounds, this is not the reason I brought you here. The true reason is the this chart below:

If you want to know what social networks are going to dominate the e-commerce landscape in the coming years, focus on numbers 2 to 4 in the chart above: Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Think about it: It’s only now that Facebook is starting to allow for direct purchase from its news feed and Instagram didn’t even have an advertising capabilities up until last month (only in beta). And yet both of these platforms manage to bring some of the most valuable users to e-commerce sites.

The problem with Pinterest, with all due respect for its 100 million MAU, is that it has relatively small user base comparing to Facebook or Instagram. That said, it doesn’t mean marketers should ignore pinterest. It’s a very important social platform for e-commerce because of its buying inspiration nature.

Also, you need to remember that Polyvore and Pinterest are social platform designed for e-commerce. Facebook and Instagram not. And yet they deliver some of the highest value users.

If you have an e-commerce website, my advice would be as following: start by focusing on building and promoting your brand on Facebook and telling your story on Instagram. As your brand starts to gain popularity, consider using pinterest too. Just make sure your audience can be reached by Pinterest.

Another small but important thing to notice: look how low youtube is ranked, even below Linkedin. This can only mean one thing: when you think about advertising on youtube, don’t use it for direct response, rather for raising awareness.

And yes, I know, the data is gathered only from Shopify and there are more ecommerce platforms out there. Yet Shopify is one of the largest ecommerce platform out there, with over 100,000 stores using Shopify. Maybe the stats differ from platform to platform, but I’m pretty sure it’s basically the same everywhere.

I think e-commerce is going to be the most interesting and fastest growing area in social media in the upcoming years. The potential is huge and there is room for everyone.