Putting in order my writing chaos

My active wring in OneNote

It’s so hard for me to be organized person. Sometimes it’s real struggle and often I’m lost in my own chaos. When you’re writer chaos in your notes and writings could be really overwhelming.

I was struggling that different versions of stories/scenes or drafts was in different text documents, so it was hard to me to compare them and to switch between them. Putting different versions in one document was noneffective, too. I needed something where everything is in front of my eyes, could be accessed from different devices and it’s easy to switch between versions.

So I started to use OneNote for writing. Real game-changer! I’ve made new notebook especially for writing. Then I start new tab for every story that I’m working on. Then I’ve transferred every version of the story in different page. And voila! Easy access, easy switch between documents, I can write whenever I want and every piece of the story is put together. I can rearrange the story and put the OneNote pages/scenes in chronological order.

I’ll be happy to share with me if you like my system or how you put in order your writings.