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This is not another article about working remotely, productivity hacks for a frazzled mind, or using technology to stop a pandemic. We are a tech company, but we are made up of human beings, locked in our homes with our canned beans and toilet paper, our unsettled families and happy pets. We are scared and isolated. We are finding ways to be together (bless you, Zoom) and grasping with enthusiasm at small moments of beauty, but there is a thrum of anxiety vibrating throughout the world and there will be for a while to come.

“We have been preparing for…

Last week, I received a newsletter from Etsy suggesting that, for Father’s Day, I get my dad a bow tie made of reclaimed, locally-sourced wood. Or perhaps a mug claiming that “sawdust is man glitter.” What about a genuine leather toiletry bag emblazoned with his monogram and house sigil?

I tried to picture what that would look like. First of all, they’d have to use a bigger bag if they hoped to fit all 16 letters of his Slavic name on it. Second, sigils are for Westerosi nobility, not Soviet immigrants. …

Yana Barysheva

UX + Product Designer by day. Artist sometimes. Currently co-writing a Russian & Ukrainian cookbook:

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