The best time in my life

When it was the last year in school, many teachers said that we will miss our school. But we replied: No, we won’t miss school, we want to quickly finish school and go to university. And i remember myself being very confident that i will never miss school in my life. I thought how can people miss school, we spent almost 10 years there ! Isn’t it time to end this? We should start something new. I was looking forward to passing my final exams and say Bye, bye school! I wanted to quickly go to university and start a student life. I heard a lot of people saying that university years are the best in life! But at the same time they said that they miss school very much. I thought to myself that this wouldn’t never happen. Then after the first year i didn’t miss school. I thought people who said that i will miss my school were absolutely wrong. I was very happy that i study far away from home. I got such experience that i couldn’t get if i lived close to my family and friends. But a lot of my classmates wrote said they miss and want to go back to school. And now after two years i MISS my school. I can’t believe that i think and write about it now. What happened to me? I miss all my classmates and teachers. Sometimes i watch our photos and think what a great time it was. It would be cool to come back at least for one day and enjoy this moment again….

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