What is true love?

Maybe the most ancient and stable world in our life is love. We feel love since our childhood and start searching it since puberty period. We search it, we want to feel it. We want to love and be beloved. But nowadays fewer people understand what real love is. We live in the world of excellent careers, great financial possibilities and availability of love. You know that every rich man or woman can “buy” love if he/she wants. But why does it not bring happiness with it?Why there are a lot of women with rich men but unhappy. Because now we are learned not to love, we are learned just satisfy our needs. Since puberty, almost every girl dreams about a rich husband, nice cars, expensive dresses. But she doesn’t dream about the beloved and attentive husband. And boys dream about having a lot of money just to have a lot of hot girls. They don’t dream about the beloved wife and thoughtful wife.

I wish we learned ourselves to love and to be beloved. Unfortunately, at schools, we don’t study any practices dedicating to love, sexual behavior with each other. But at the same time, we learn different unnecessary things.

We are sinking into our disdain, our ignorance or pride. As for me, true love is amazing, unbelievable thing that happens to each one in one’s life. And it’s up to you whether to avoid it or just feel it. It’s supported, it’s controlled by your bad emotions while quarreling, because we know that nothing hurts so much as a bad word.

It’s when you breathe in his amazing hair, skin. It’s when you want to dissolve in him. You can spend days and months with him without quarreling. When you see him and you are sure that he is your fate, the father of your future children, and he will be a great father. When you see into his eyes and see there love. His eyes are shining each time when he sees you, and you see him. When you forgot all your past relationships because of him, just because he lives in your heart and mind.

He can’t say about you a bad word even a little bit, he will fight for you if there is a chance. It’s when you love him with all your heart, and you just don’t see his disadvantages. He is perfect for you. You have no fear to be with him on a desert island. You are sure that you can spend the whole life there with him.