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We changed our admissions process for the Code Chrysalis Immersive Bootcamp.

Starting last month, we changed the application process for our Immersive Bootcamp. Previously, there was a coding challenge that applicants had to pass followed by a series of technical interviews.

But what we have called a technical interview isn’t really an interview and has never been — it has always been a coaching process. The changes in our admissions process is to make the ‘coaching’ aspect clearer for applicants and take away some of the mystique of applying to our program.

It has always been a coaching process.

We believe anyone who shows potential should have a fair chance to build the minimum required set of skills to be successful in the Immersive Bootcamp. This is why we re-interview applicants multiple times, giving guidance and coaching on what to study and how to get up to the level needed to begin work on our Precourse. We do this because learning on your own can be a little scary and, without at least a little guidance, unproductive if you aren’t sure what comes next. …

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Click here for Japanese version ・日本語版はこちらになります!

I run a coding school in Tokyo. A little over a week ago, we graduated our 11th class of software engineers…into a global pandemic and impending recession. 😨😰😱

I wanted to share the advice I gave to our students, as undoubtedly many people are finding themselves with the not-so-great timing of job hunting during this COVID-19 mess.

This advice is specifically aimed at software engineers and developers looking for work, but to be honest, it is relevant for anyone looking for a job no matter where you are.

These are things that we recommend you try IN ADDITION to all the work you are doing now job hunting. …

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Yan’s Note: This is an example of what an upgraded blogpost may look like if I wrote it. Original found here. Please also note that I have not looked through the code for correctness and I have only included half of the original post as an example.

There are a few small, simple things that you can do to make technical blog posts look a bit more professional and attractive for readers:

🏆 Adding some headers and styling to make it easy to follow
🥰 Emojis and gif to make it fun
📷 A picture/banner that will be included in…


Yan Fan

Co-Founder & CTO of Code Chrysalis, a coding bootcamp in Tokyo. https://www.codechrysalis.io

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