(Arkansas Capital, 2013)

Studio 1: Pitch Reflection

Pitch presentation is absolutely horrifying when there is a possibility of an audience hating on your big idea. After last week’s pitch, I felt that I did well as I was prepared and know my content really well.

However, there was a slight problem with an image that did not show up on the screen. I felt that I should have just remained calm and collected because if it was a real pitch to a client, it would not have seemed professional. Other than that, I feel that it could also be improved in terms of refining my ideas better to fit my target audience better. I think I may have focused too much of how I would want the magazine to be without considering my target audience. I could even try to make my presentation more exciting by including videos or putting on some music to give my pitch more impact.

Despite all that, I love the idea of receiving feedbacks as it always helped me to improve on my designs or ideas further. After receiving feedbacks from everyone last week, I decided to take all of it and try to use it to my advantage by enhancing my designs. According to all, my target audience is a bit too generic and needed to be refined even further. This could help me decide on how my magazine would look like and what sort of paper I could use to suit it better.

As for my magazine themes, I have decided to refine my themes to something that could include the different aspects of the street culture instead of focusing one specific theme or genre for example street fashion, food, performances and such so. This would allow the readers to be more captivated to my magazine and would be intrigued to buy the next issue of my magazine.

Besides that, it was said that my masthead seemed to look like a street art magazine instead of the whole street culture due to the rough textures or dripping paint I have implemented onto it. It was suggested that my masthead would not necessarily need to have street art fonts to portray the idea of street culture. So instead, I have decided to use a basic typeface and try taking on the approach of combining images of the different aspect of the street culture for my cover. This would allow my readers to have an idea of what it is all about even though it has a simple and clean cover.

Overall, I believe that I would have done better if I had focused more on my target audience. With all the feedbacks that I received from the pitch, I am certain that it could help me to improve my designs and myself as a designer.


Arkansas Capital (2013) Presenting the business. Available at: https://arcapital.com/toolkit/presenting-the-business/ (Accessed: 6 October 2016).

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