Studio 2: Artwork Analysis

We had the opportunity to see peoples’ artworks at the Art Gallery last week. Out of the many stunning artwork from the Perspectives Exhibition, I have chosen something that is quite relevant to my social issue. It is titled “Human Impact” by Harry Tatchley. The most dominant feature throughout the series of his artworks are the animals. The artist painted the animals right in the centre of the foreground which makes it the main focal point of the paintings. He has also painted a background for each animal. This allows us as an audience to know where these animals live and their habitat. By putting the main emphasis on these animals makes the audience know what it is all about.

The artist direct the audience eyes through the use of colour. The first thing the audience would see is the frame in the middle. The colour of the fire captures the audience’s attention in a distance. From there, it leads us to the frame with the blood ropes then, the polar bear frame. This is because warm colours like orange and red advances our eyes to look at it while cool colour like blue recedes.

This artwork stood out the most compared to the rest not only because it was relevant to my social issue, but because of how he incorporated other mediums into it besides paint. For example, the use of ropes and hot glue to represent water. The artist also painted dark brown around the bottom of frame borders to show the burning effect. These are used to convey how those animals are killed with it like for example being strangled by the ropes. The objects used also made the painting to come to life by having those on the frame, making it so surreal in a way. Each frame is different in its own ways but it also ties in together as a whole artwork.

However, the title did not convey the meaning of the paintings at all in my opinion. It does not show anything that shows how humans have impacted the animals in any way. All in all, I feel that the artist has communicated his ideas successfully through his artwork. He has shown how these animals are affected in a way and how much they are suffering as well. For example, blood can be seen due to the tightness of the rope for the first frame. This expresses the animal’s pain through the dripping blood. This idea is then implemented throughout the other frames as well.

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