Dear @Jack: It’s Time To Suspend Donald Trump From Twitter
Ellen K. Pao

Pardon my passion for making america great again but I think you should sit this one out if you care about putting american families first (who are out of work, money and hope)

I’ve come to realize that most deplorables are democrat (not you though) but pardon me I need to be blunt (please thicken your skin and be aware that I am talking not to you specifically but a whole segment of society to whom you belong/share views with): Who the heck are you to tell everyone to get out of your bubble that spans the width of the entire united states.

project include

I quote your bs:
 “It is so uncomfortable for us to talk about the diversity problem that we have not been able to fix it.”

should of been this fact:
 “It is so difficult intellectually for us democratic deplorable to talk about the diversity problem that we have not been able to fix it.”
 Btw: The celebrities you trying to protect from Trump “Harassers” well you should see the garbage they teach our kids on the movie screens. Millions upon millions of young kids wathc hollywqood movie where they glorify “hunting drunk bitched for sex” don’t believe me? just watch a simple movie like 40 year old virgin : in it you see men teaching the 40year old virgin how to get drunk women to have sex with them (date rape drugs) and they make fun of the 40 yo virgin for wanting to make love not sex and communicaste and respect women..They even start doign cock grabbing exercise…
 so sftu about Trump talking in private with someone about sexual topic that was peer pressured by the same person filming trump without him knowing…
 You people disgust me with your stupidity.It’s suddenly upside down world.
 Globalism? Hey not saying it does not have potential but befor even considering globalism, first countries need to get along with each other and the citizens inside each country must get along also.
 Globalism should be about cooperation not having 1 entitydeciding for everyone
 did you see german representant saying 2017 wil be the year of anti PC, did you see how behind that german blond haired arian woman a banner showed nzionale rightnext ot her but hiding letters has to display only the letters : Nazi. I was like wtf… if you democrats don’t stop it with your failed policies of globalism it’s exactly your actions which will kill globalism, give populism a surge and bring back racism in germany (ouch scary).
 Stronger together? uuuuhhh.. together means the whole world right?specially since you guys are “globalists”..then why wage war on russia, one of our allies believe it or not (each time usa and russia cooperate this happened: 
 1-world wide genocide prevented in ww2 because russians joined the alliance and not the axis of evil (we would of lost ww2 becaue russians are sthe trongest on the groun and still keep on their toes ready to protect their land today
 2-global nuclear meltdown avoided with the end of the cold war
 3-today: Trump could put an end to ISIS , muslim terrorism and ww3
 What the heck is it with democrats and their obsession with getting to be friends with our worst ennemies:
 1-Iran -Biggest sponsor of terrorism, also implicated in the corruption of the holy words of Muhaamad during the wirting of the quran and hence the fake religion of peace that resulted from it)
 2-Saudi Arabie: uuuuuuuh wtf is Obama Selling them weapons, why are we ignoring the fact that they are repsonsible for 9/11? The princes of saudi arabia’s ancestors in the time muhammad was alive , when it was just arabia, well they were the leaders of one of the 8 or 9 tribes of arabia, they were muhammad’s ennemy, yes they were aginst muhammads life wor which was to make all 9 tribes of arabia coexist peacefully (one tribe was christian another jew etc..)
 Also saudi arabia’s veriosn of islam was brought up on the principle of Jihad
 So yeah I think al of you are ignorant, don’t know how the worlkd works cuz all you have ever done in your life is complain about life’s problems but don’t even know how the world works, what it is truely (science physics bioligy logic math religion philosophy math politcis economy social justce particles waves astronomy electronics ,software)
 So please sit down, and give us the chance to do our thing, just think “upside down world”, “yoou need to believe it to see it” not the other wayt around
 hillary was a emotionally depended on her muslim girlfriend uma habedin, they slept together.
 Woman’s rights? she prosecuted her husband’s rape victims.
 she states that your unborn child has 0 civil liberties,
 she was about to finish off america with a final phase of outsourcing, selling out, payin for play etc
 She is a psychopath,
 And all you girls, bless your ignorant hearts, were ready willing and eager to kill america, give the leftovers to radical Islam and set the world a blaze for what? Oh yeah cuz she got a vagina between her legs! yes ! so any woman not thinking with their head straight, their common sense judgement blurred by emotions, hormones surging and kicking, homosexuality everywhere, let’s be lesbians, lets be feminists, lets hate men, lets start a war against heterosexuality, lets mess with straight men’s confidence and mental health so much by making them feel wrong to be manly and express their heterosexuality that some become incapable of connecting with the opposite sex to the point that some still further more start hunting for drunk bitches and if they ain’t drunk then spike their drink with date rape drugs..
 please…haven’t you guys done enough damage alredy.
 Diversity btw also means democrats reaching out to republicans, gloabalist to populists, it doesnt mean sabotaging the republican mandate at the cost of americans and america not realising its dreams and amibtions to be great again. 
 Wow all that because that psycho hillary got a pussy in between her legs? You ultimatly will be responsible for generations of americans living in poverty, hating outsiders more and more and enabling our agressors, which are noteven in the spotlight and not being accused of any wrong doing. 
 Yes lets all point the finger at each other when its none of our fualts, its some of the evil elites, its rich american business owners who lobbied the us government to open the floogates and let illegals in (poor them) to take american jobs tosave a few dollars at the the total cost to america /americans being at least a hundred fold higher so for every dollar american business saves, america loses 100$, at this point my friend who picks up the garbage for the cirty contributes more to society than them.
 You know you little projects and all, well maybe you know how to put a fake image on a website to give poor people dreams that won’t come true with your plan. Maybbe you know how to get the funding, but I also see how you will fail because its just a store front, an empty shell, an unfinished, unpolished porduct, created with lack of mpathy skill or experience/imagination.
 I am an electronics engineer who also does software programming, I have a minor in physics, and I am designing the society of tommorrow.
 Why do you insist on keeping that CEO/CTO position you stole from us, you just want fame fortune and power, we do it for the love of it, we were genetically born for this, its in our hearts, our passion, our destiny, our faith, yes even God is in the picture, we’ve been doing this since we could barely talk and it’s never quitting time for we are workaholocs.
 With that said I appologize for the rawness and lack of respect sometime. I’m tired, cant correct typos or edit text now but honestly, from one human to another, one american to another, can you please stop collaborating with the evil elitist forces NWO trying to make the process of making america great again, fail. They have fooled many of us for too long, I should know I used to be an Obama supporter, I hated Bush too just like Trump. But I was a fool like the rest.
 Even astronomy and quantum physics are starting to mount up evidence of the existence of god, the bible is geeting old, 2000 years, its not perfect and as a society evolves and becomes more intelligent so does its definition and knowldege of that which is holy, intelligence outside the domain of human consciousness, that wa before we were, we derive from it, even the
 So instead of foolishly thinking that darwin effect is solely responsible for it all (dum du du dum) or thinking that we come from nothing when we are born and go back to being nothing when we die (2 places that are like black boxes that our conscious mind has never been able to enter or observe so we can’t assume anything about those black boxes besides the fact that there is a 99.999999999999999% chance those boxes have something in them ie not composed of nothingness)
 National Geographic said it, our brain is wired to have faith, it functions better, don’t you think there’s a reason for that, don’t fool yourself into believing its just a trick of the mind, that is a trick on top of a trick.

We oursleves have ambitions of one day creating consious life (don’t worry current robot/software tech doesn’t have the capability to host consiousness/soul and artificial inteligence is absolutely not intelligent, its a trick of the algorithm, an abuse of language to make money, it’s more like recorded/emulated intelligence, it requires an intelligent life form to draw up, upload configure and launche, also those neurons are supposed to be concrete real life transistors, not software pseudocode logic). Even when we do get to the point of beiung able to insert and/or create a soul to reside in robots, we would/should never do it to worker robotics, that would be cruelty, slavery, that would be freeing peter to enslave paul, intergrated intelligence is not at all alive.

end of divergeance

Stop being atheists people! believing that we come from nothing, will end up to be nothing and were created by nothing, well that makes one tend to not give a shit about anyone but themselves and their immediate circle of familiy and friends, a catalyst for egocentrism, mankind’s number 1 ennemy (learned that from buddhism, a 6000 year old philosophy). This is perfect for evil people/forces/spirits/cults/groups cuz they can manipulate us better. It’s also perfect for radical islamists which want to eliminate christianity, conquer the whole world to make it muslims or die as infidels (this is all bullshit inserted unknowingly to the public. inserted by those arab elites/NWO, Princes, Calif, Iran, Saudi Arabia).
Everytime a christian loses faith and becomes Godless, you can hear a muslim yell out in his head: “YES! ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!!”

I pray that one day Muslims all around the world will finally be reunited with the real Muhammad, with the real Allah: here’s my prediction: all 1.7 billion Muslims (minus religious elite leaders and non practicing) have been fooled and ignore the truth. They are the ones who have been disgracing muhammad and allah without knowing it.

until then its just common sense to not put two fighting dogs (american christians and arabic muslim) in the same cage. Is obama retarded or something? He can talk so intelligently and smooth yet have the essence of what he is saying is crap.

In closing, won’t you admit that it is a grave mistake to have all of our politicians in Washington be composed of just lawyers? lawyers think in terms of law books, they know the law books but not much else. They like money, power. They are a walking talking and farting example of conflict of interest, they have a hand in all that is evil, they protect those who divide and conquer and kill and enslave us, they took our jobs they took our freedom they took our justice, they took our happinness, they took our lives, they protected our predators/killers/agressors they put our fellow wounded and sick brothers and threw them in jail, they sold our genius, they devised a way to make it the law to steal own and hide what is ours (patent, hiden cures , who kille dthe electric car etc). Worst of all,(theory lol) they want that top spot, yes that spot where the current elites preside, they are mini elites who want to be the new official elites, kings of the hill in a way, but these ones are a much more lethal and aggressif bread of elites, they don’t want us regular folks around anymore, robots are cheaper, don’t complain, disposable etc.. besides with their globalism theres tons of market on earth until they are ready for the final push. (end of crazy consipracy theory lol)

So Instead of having only lawyers governing america, we need a gov of the ppl by the ppl for the ppl all the kinds of ppl that exist. we actually do need to all collaborate together (populist want this too dude) to ultimatly become a supra society/supra orgaism just like cells combined to form organisms which combined to form humans. Yet even in this case , the organisms have some degree of sovereignty andf independance: I can’t order my brain to jack up the serotonin levels in my brain, I can’t stop a reflex from occuring once it started.

Globalism, or rather a marriage between all nations of the world can be a good thing if engineering and applied correctly, all the time everywhere.

BUT BUT BUT, the proof is in the pudding: as you can see from biology analogy: first the cells within each newly forming organism must mature and gully fusion themselves together before even considering putting it all up together.

But you know, then comes divorce.

sigh….can we just get over this so we can focus on the next priority task? aka finally working the enterprise spaceship to explore and colonize the galaxy ;) eliminate poverty ware famine disease inequality, the environment, the eefect of ice age mass instinction, actually put the earth in a much better position of health and live and wellbeing and confort than before we homosapien got sapiensapiens . (unlike most environmentalists and doomsayers,, I believe our purpose is not to be toxic to earth but to soon enough evolve and grow up and fulfill our holy cosmic universal destiny/puropse thats been hardcoded in the universe`s blue well forever .

remeber the 7 levels of intelligent life? we are still at the first one, fighing for scraps, policingn each other screwqing each other taking advantage of each other, thinking we have limited ressources yet we don`t know that we are stanfing on an infite pile of precious wealthand diamonds. This could be what jesus meant by share the foood and there will be plenty to feed all. we have so much energy and ressources on earth, all that missing is the technoolgical part, the technology doing God`s work, science help religion