Hey, I’m Yan!

Yan Chummar
Nov 10, 2019 · 2 min read

My name is Yan Chummar Mathen, at the date of writing this article I’m 16. Based out of Kottayam in Kerala, I started exploring tech from my very young 8 years. As in life how one thing leads to the other, my enthusiasm towards tech took me to learn HTML from my cousins at the age of 10.

From that moment in 2013, my fascination with technology has grown significantly to a point where I had self-learned Android Development, Web Development, backend systems, building APIs, 3D and 2D animations, Graphic Designing, Video editing and so much more by the age of 13. I had once wanted to be a software developer when I grew up, but little did I know that I would be able to achieve this by the age of 13. And so has my aspirations changed ever since I started ticking off things from my list of goals.

However, my visions and aspirations widened from the age of 13 when I got introduced to the larger community of tech makers and entrepreneurs out in Kerala and out there globally. Since then I’ve got multiple wonderful opportunities to work with a lot of amazing people and in 2019 I’m continuing my efforts to be the best at what I do and in an everlasting attempt to be a fine entrepreneur by solving problems and adding value by solving these problems.

My aspirations have always of building the finest of products and companies and of working with the finest people. And I’m in constant pursuit of achieving this.

Today in 2019, I’m an Android & iOS developer, web developer, working on machine learning and deep learning, building websites, building backend systems, building APIs, designing databases, building products and ready to build almost anything for any platform and ready to learn any new skill depending on what I’m to work on.

And I’m working as a Developer Intern at Saama Technologies as a part of their R&D lab alongside my schooling, which I should’ve mentioned that I’m an 11th grader.

And THIS is exciting! ❤️

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Speaking at the Young Achiever’s Summit organized by Model Engineering College in Kochi.

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