What Does Drug Rehab SEO Mean?

Yaneleisis Batista
4 min readMay 6, 2020
What is Drug Rehab SEO?

Drug Rehab SEO Term Used by Behavioral Health Network Resources

Drug rehab SEO is a term coined by Behavioral Health Network Resources. They are primarily a marketing agency that strictly performs search engine optimization with treatment centers for drug addiction. They used this lead generation term to help describe how far behind the drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry is with web marketing.

It’s estimated that the industy generates about 35 billion per year. It’s no surprise to find out the industry has solely relied on Google Ad Words a pay per click for their lead generation strategies. With so much money flowing it was was just to pay Google to be on page one. However, that is no longer the case, especially for small to medium size substance abuse rehabilitation facilities.

Florida Rehab Centers is Where Regulations Began

Why drug rehab SEO was needed by florida rehab centers.

Florida rehab centers were the starting point for drug rehab marketing laws and regulations. The Sunshine state has always had a notorious reputation for shadiness and not only in the behavioral health field. It is the land of gold and opportunity, but bring you own gold. In 2017 Google was taking a lot of heat due to patient brokers gaming them and shut down the PPC or oay per click. This quickly sent shockwaves throughout the industry.

Some of the smaller players were force to close their doors. While this some what helped the industry, it mainly hurt ethical operators the most. The patient brokering and tricking of Google still remain to this day. It’s quite clear with Google Maps rankings. There are a tremendous amount of fake listings by lead generation companies.

Before Google opened up paid advertising in the industry, it partnered with Legit Script. This company was suppose to prevent fraudulent advertising practies on the web and in Google Maps. They forced drug rehabs in Florida and across the US to purchase a Legit Sctipt certification at about $2,000 and a yearly update cost of $1,200 after.

Once these facility owners were shocked, some quickly realized they suffered from drug rehab SEO digital Darwinism. Google and the web moved at lightening speed while the addiction treatment industry were still in bedrock with the Flinstones. There was a ton of catching up that needs to be done to get off the hamster wheels od ppac or pay per click.

Behavioral Health Network Resources Coins Drug Rehab SEO Term

All of the disruption caused a clear need for drug rehab SEO. Treatment centers for drug addiction needed a cost effective lead generation strategy. The big addiction treatment rehabilitation centers were simply out buying their competition with meb marketing. Some of the drug rehabs in Florida were spending more than $500,000 per month.

This opened the eyes of Behavioral Health Network Resources CEO, Charles Davis and drug rehab SEO professional. To educate the CEO and Executives he used the term drug rehab SEO vs drug rehab marketing. This outlined the many areas that the substance abuse rehabilitation facilities fell behind at with web marketing practices.

Almost the entire industry was hypnotised to think they needed Google Ad Words, Facebook and addiction treatment listing directories. They kew little about the over 200 ways to get ranked organically on Google. They knew even less that paid ads only get 2–5% of page one clicks, while the organic rankings get 60–70% of page one clicks. Many do not even know how to get their rehabs ranked in google Maps.

What is the Definition of Drug Rehab SEO

What is drug rehab SEO and how do I get it for my treatment centers for drug addiction?

Drug rehab SEO is a combination of things that Google uses to rank addiction treatment centers one page one of their listings. There are many ways to improve rankings especially when the industry is at the bottom of the barrel. Some of the things that are involved with drug rehab SEO include;

  • website development and structure
  • no orphaned page
  • paying attention to NAP or name, address, and phone
  • on-page SEO
  • off-page SEO
  • back-link building on high authority websites
  • building out the Google My Business profile and adding special key word areas

These are just a few ways to increase your organic rankings on Google. If you are still some of the many wasting $5,000 a month or more on paid advertising, give our agency a call. Check out these drug rehab SEO solutions that can get you on page one of Google for key words and terms in 90-days!



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