A glimpse into design at large companies as a new grad designer.

My first two months at Google went by really fast, with tons of information, lots of people met, several exciting projects started, and one eye-opening research trip to Japan!

I’ve been trying to reflect on what I learned every week, and I think it’d be great to share some of my learnings here to help more designers learn about 1) what to expect when starting a design position at a large company like Google, and 2) what to do when joining a new team. …

My Personal Journey with Excitement, Patience, and Tech Fails

After 3 months of interviews, I was thrilled to join Google as an Interaction Designer in the Associate Design Program, a 2-year rotational program for new grads to experience a variety of industry problems, and grow to be design leaders at Google.

The interview process I went through is the most rigorous I’ve ever experienced. It was such a long process that there were a couple of times when I didn’t know what to expect, and even wanted to stop and give up. …

Earlier last fall, I was honored to have my design portfolio featured as Editor’s Pick on bestfolios.com.

Flashback to November 2017, I was so worried about my portfolio after I presented my only project to a recruiter who offered to help, and received harsh critiques on it. I started posting my portfolio on Facebook and Slack groups, seeking advice on how I could better present my projects and skills, and received a lot of help and support from designers whom I haven’t even met. …

Leveraging Google’s Machine Learning algorithms to help users better manage and compare similar photos

I love Google Photos.

As a user, I think it’s my favorite app for organizing photos, looking them up, quickly sharing them with friends, and getting fun animations & collages. As a designer, I love how it leverages the power of machine learning to explore more intuitive ways for users to manage their photos, such as using natural language to search for photos instead of looking through a lengthy, messy timeline.

However, I believe that Google’s machine learning technologies can be further pushed to make the photo management experience easier. A problem that my friends and I usually encounter is…

The EUX team at the Home Depot

This summer, I worked as a User Experience intern at the Home Depot’s Enterprise UX team. Together with another intern, we led the research & design of an intern tool that helps hundreds of developers better troubleshoot their cloud deployments.

It was an amazing experience to work in such a supportive team and a company that places great value on design. Initially, I wanted to write a short article in my portfolio to reflect on what I learned from this opportunity. However, more and more ideas came as I wrote, and it soon seemed like the article would be more…

Tony Jin

Interaction Designer @ Google Play Books | Google Associate Design Program | MS-HCI @ Georgia Tech

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