Summer Shows in London

The summer show is absolutely one of the most exciting things in London from June to August every year. Not only art colleges will organise the graduate’s show which is a very first stage for the young artists, some private galleries will also open their doors to the public.

This year, I started with the summer shows at UAL, Central Saint Martins, including projects from different programmes, such as Culture and Enterprise, Drama and Performances, Jewellery and Textiles, Fashion, Spatial Practices, Graphic Communication Design and Product, Ceramic and Industrial Design.

I have a friend who studies Industrial Design here. It is amazing to see his project which is a tide based clock that using magnetic fluid to abstract time. He wanted to draw attention to nature.

Another very interesting project is a wearable electronic badge to enhance the communication between people. Basically, if you wear the badge and connect it to your mobile phone, it will analyse your verbal words and find supporting visual information.

AA Projects Review (Architectural Association, School of Architecture) is highly recommended which is offering an overview of the AA’s 2016/17 academic year. I personally think it is a very good combination of academia and industry. Hundreds of drawings, models, installations and photographs from all the AA’s units, courses and departments, documenting the diversity and experimental nature of the AA School are on display.

Each unit has a different topic. Some of them focus on materials, others prefer to discuss the concept. Some of them will have a fixed space, you could see massive ideas. I really like the projects designed for public space. A multifunctional building is quite common in urban design but I still found something fascinating here.

For example, this one created an open space inside the building making me feel closer to nature. Furthermore, considering the location of the site, in the centre of 13th arrondissements of Paris, this project did a real communication on culture and daily life, history and modernisation.


And this exhibition is basically everywhere inside the AA building, even the toilets.

Display in the toilet

If you are interested in architecture, check this website where you can see all the projects on display.

The RA Schools Show presents work developed over three intense years of dialogue and exploration. You can expect to see works spanning a broad range of media and representing the diverse perspective of graduating artists.

Royal Academy of Arts

I was chatting with the guard in Royal Academy of Arts. He is French and has been working here for 9 years. I said I found it quite hard to understand the contemporary art. He told me, the art is like another language. You are used to what you normally l heard about so it is obviously difficult to understand some new languages. The works by graduates are mostly new languages. They are probably not mature, just like the way the primitive talks with each other. You need to learn how to communicate with the contemporary art and also encourage the young artists. I thought he is probably a true art fan.

I haven’t got time to see The Bartlett Summer Show 2017 and it is closed now. The website is here. The overview video offers an opportunity to hear the students talking about their projects.

Mayfair Art Weekend is joined by the Royal Academy of Arts, over 60 art galleries, artists and auction houses to celebrate Mayfair as a vibrant hub of talent, creativity, craftsmanship and production.

I went to serval really posh galleries, such as Simon C. Dickinson on Jermyn Street. This gallery has a fairly broad range from early Renaissance to contemporary. I would say if you are around Green Park, spare 15 minutes, go inside and enjoy “A Summer in Monaco”.

Although the weather is not that summer recently, the shows might offer more summer vibes. Have fun!