Do something fun

Being a college student, we ofent struggle with juggling all seven factions of wellness. With intellectual wellness being the driver of my life, I often forget that I like to sing, or that I like to play music. So this week, my fun was taking a moment away from doing homework, grabbing a friend’s ukulele and just being silly. I love improvising songs and making them my own.

Here I just recorded part of my session. This song is called “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson! Before you watch the video however, I just want to apologize for my terrible singing in advance. Enjoy!

Mind map

Mind Map made via Product Design Website

Suggested Themes

I think a big part of my mind map comes from public health, sociology and human health & wellness being my concentrations for my individualized major. With that, I sort of organize my thoughts in the seven factions of wellness. From there, I think three specific themes I think will be interesting to explore are:

  1. Stress
  2. Integrative Healing
  3. Active wear

10 Silly Ideas

Below you can see the 10 different “silly” ideas I came up with. I will briefly explain them here.

  1. Stress Watch — this watch is modeled after the well known “fit-bit” except it is way cooler because it measures your stress level instead. And when you are stressed, it will light up your favorite color and is programmed to play your favorite song. In addition to this, the watch also presses your two acupressure points that are slightly below your wrists.
  2. Love Your Feet Shoes — This is a combination of a food massage and a shoe. Although it is not recommended for you to turn on the massage switch while doing intense exercise.
  3. All Seasons Jacket — you will never have to buy a new jacket ever again because with the switch of a button, you are able to puff up the jacket so that it can become thicker and it also has cooling and heating pads with in it depending on what the whether outside is like.
  4. Motivation Hat — this hat should be worn when one is on a run. When it senses that you are slowing down, it will start telling you motivational things and quotes. For example “Keep going! You can do it!”
  5. Calorie Tupperware — this amazing tupperware has a small built in scale and calorie counter. So you can have this connected to your app, enter in what foods you’re putting into the tupperware and from there it will weigh and add the calorie count for you. It can also subtract calories as you are eating out of the tupperware and it becomes less heavy.
  6. Musical Bicycle — this bicycle is similar to a music box. The faster you ride your bike, the smoother the sound of the music it is playing, if you slow down, the song will slow down as well.
  7. Good Air, Bad Air — this device measures the air quality of your home and determines if it needs to be more humid or not. From there, it will turn on the humidity switch or dehumidifier switch on its own.
  8. Mindful Eating — too many times we are eating too fast. We need to practice mindful eating, which is eating in silence, just simply eating — not making agendas or watching movies. This spoon will beep when you are eating too fast and will tell you to slow down.
  9. Drunk Sensor — This is essentially a sensor that takes in your breath like a breathalyzer does and if it determines you are too drunk to drive, it will lock your steering wheel making you unable to drive.
  10. Dog “Collar” — this is a fashionable choker that when it senses that you are sad or stressed, it will make a sound that attracts dogs to you. Warning: this product is only for dog lovers.
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