How might we make cooking more efficient for college students?

My General Ideas

Unfortunately, as I have come to realize, I am pretty terrible at idea generation. In the hour that I spent generating ideas, I only came up with 21 ideas, which amounts to about 3 ideas per minute. Here are pictures of my ideas:

New Warm Up Game — “My Story!”

As someone who likes to improvise when I sing, I thought about games that would include a lot of improvising. This game includes no materials!

Game rules:

  1. Everyone stands in a circle
  2. The person who is tallest will begin the game by telling us about their day.
  3. As soon as the person on the left of that person hears a word that has something to do with how their day is going, they need to cut off the person speaking and begin telling us about their day by starting with that word.
  4. The game continues this way all the way around the circle.

Session Organization

The session included 4 people (not including myself)

  1. Jimmy — Jimmy is a fitness trainer and frequently competes in body building shows.
  2. Michael — Michael is an undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota who is a nutrition major and works at Regina Hospital as a dietary aid.
  3. Amy — Amy is a senior at the University of Minnesota who is a nutrition major and has lost over 40 pounds and has maintained it for the past few years.
  4. Melissa — Melissa is a nutrition service associates at Fairview Hospital.

On Thursday, October 20th at 5:30PM, the five of us gathered in a glass study room on Coffman second floor to explore how we might make cooking more efficient for college students. The warm up games played were Word Ball, My Story! and Look At Me! We generated ideas for about 45 minutes and saved the last 15 minutes for silent sorting. The total number of ideas generated was 58 which amounts to about 1 idea per minute. Participants were told to think about ideas one day ahead of time.

Sorting and Voting

Initially, I just told the group to organize the cards silently. I forgot to mention that there should not be a “bad ideas” category. After about 7 minutes of organizing, they came to a stop. I asked them what categories did they organize the cards into, the categories were: bad ideas, impossible ideas, good ideas. I made them redo the sorting.

This time they thought of more distinct categories. From right to left, they are:

Bread products, portable products, magical products, Futuristic/Robot type products, utensils, edible products and farms types / environmental products.

The cards with little stars on them were voted for. Each participant got to cast 4 votes on their favorite ideas. As you can see there are no cards that had multiple votes.

Top Ideas

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