Do Something Fun

My roommate and I decided to play Adult Loaded Questions with our boyfriends; mostly because she thought this assignment would be a great excuse for a double date and she had just picked up the game. How to play the game:

1) The player rolls the dice, picks the next card, and reads aloud the corresponding question. (Let’s say the question is “What would you NOT want to find in your partner’s bedside drawer?)

2) All other players write a personal answer for the question on their answer sheets, which are then collected and read aloud by the player to your right.

3) After hearing all of the answers, choose your favorite and match which player wrote which answer. Match correctly and pick one of the highly desirable VIP cards. The player who wrote your favorite answer also wins one of these cards. The first lucky player to collect 10 VIP cards wins the game!

I forgot to take pictures during the game, but I have pictures of what we wrote as answers to the questions below (some things were inappropriate so I blacked it out…).

Mind Map (Digitization)

I made my mind map just using the app.

Suggested Themes

  • Relationships (friends and family) — The relationship I have with my family and friends are a big part of why I am the way I am today. I want to explore the importance of how different relationships affect a person.
  • Birth control — Sex education is very important, especially since so many young people are having intercourse without the proper contraception or knowledge. I think this is a very important subject that everybody should be educated on, so I would like to dive in and learn more myself.
  • Water filtration — Water is necessary for life. It will be interesting to explore the new technology that is presented as well as how different people cope if there isn’t any water filtration ready at hand.

10 Silly Ideas

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