My General Ideas

New Warm-Up Game


My warm up game is similar to the Word Ball game we played in class. One person would start off saying a random word and then point to anyone of their choosing. The next person would then have to say another word that starts with the last letter of the word the person before them said.

For example, if Person 1 said “Apple” then pointed to Person 2, Person 2 would then have to say something like “Elephant” or “Eggplant” — anything that starts with the letter ‘E’.

Session Organization

I had four participants in my group: Eli, Breanna, Kalia, and Ally. Eli is currently working full time as a pharmacy technician; Breanna goes to school full time and is aiming for a career in music; Kalia goes to school full time and is currently studying to be a dental assistant; Ally goes to the U and is majoring in human relations and psychology.

The brainstorming session was in my apartment living room and we played Zip Zap Zop as well as Story Spine. 5 minutes into the brainstorming session though, Ally felt sick and she had to leave. We brainstormed for 40 minutes though, and altogether we thought of 44 ideas between us 4.

Sorting and Voting

I had to condense the papers for the photo, but we separated the ideas into these categories: nature/precipitation, laundry/clothes, showering, human waste, dishes/sink, and miscellaneous.

Stars — Most creative idea
Dots — Most liked idea

Top Ideas

For the top 10 ideas, I put into consideration the voting as well as what I personally thought were the most interesting/best ideas. Credit is given in the caption under the photo.

Kalia / Eli / Nouchi
Kalia / Eli / Nouchi
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