Final Digital Story Experience Post 1

I am choosing option 1 for my digital story. Because this option is about college campus engagement, I think that that I will be able to write and explore much more. Also, this is an opportunity for me to talk to a diverse range of people and groups and compare our experiences.

I think that I would like to start collecting ideas by asking the people around me about their first year college experience. I will slowly expand that circle and start comparing and contrasting them to my own. I think some questions I would begin to ask are whether or not they lived in the dorms, how many friends they started college with, how big was their circle of friends, and if they were involved in any groups their freshman year. I would also ask questions such as if they felt inferior to anyone or any groups and what new things they did or didn’t know as a freshman.

As I go down that list I’d ask them how they gained their interest in the groups they’re currently involved in. I’m actually really curious as to how so many people can be so involved and what everyone in the group/organization does. The part I’m actually really excited about is talking with the arts/performing/theater students. I’m curious as to how they manage their time to be able to perform and do the things they like while making time to study and network.

Another thing I’m really excited for is asking the the students who do research with faculty. How did they do it, how did they feel at the time, what made them think to do it? So many questions I ask myself. A lot of times I wanted to go out and find students who did research with faculty and ask them. But I think that would be me being too nosy — especially me being a freshman. I wonder, how did they approach the faculty and how do they find time to do the research? Are there benefits to doing research? I’m asking so many questions I’m confusing myself.

Now that I think about it, I think it may be a good idea to ask some faculty about how they feel. A lot of times students like me feel intimidated by faculty and is afraid to approach them. But if I as a first year have the opportunity to ask them some questions and get a few answers, the nerves might settle down a little more. The question that my brain is currently asking is “How do you feel when a student approaches you about doing research with you?” Now that I think about it, which kinds of students can do research with faculty? Are they undergrads or graduate students?

One group I’m very interested in is the HMSA group. They give off a feeling that makes me think “family” and “community.” I think I also want to ask them about their Phooj Ywg program and how long it has been going on. I wonder if it will be possible to ask Alumni’s about their experience in HMSA and how it has impacted them.

As for now, I plan to make my digital story partially funny and partially serious. I think it would be nice to have my digital story have a “it’s nice to be home” feeling or a “I’m excited for this, let’s go” kind of feeling. It’s nice to be able to share these kind of feelings with people.

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