I choose option one, this option is about your self growth, identity, strength, academic, and self interests. Basically how do all these things tie in together when talking about our first year experience at the University. Particularly I will be talking about all those things but most of all my progress in getting used to such a diverse community. Studying in a highly Asian populated middle school and high school, the diversity within the U campus was dramatically different. I was one little Asian girl who knew five people out of a couple thousands. So I figured, my best option would be to choose option one and “blog” about my experience. Doing so I will be able to show you my journey on becoming used to or a part of the campus community. I will also be informing many more students that although we are the minority, the whole campus is a family. The campus reminds me of a s’more. Each snack individually is great, but when put all together they create a sense of harmony. That is how I see the school, although there is indeed a majority and a minority, without all of us together there is no connection. By the time we all were accepted here, we’ve been tied together with one thing in common, the University of Minnesota. So through my blogging I wanted to introduce to the other students my progress and that the school itself is indeed diverse.

Going to the University of Minnesota, I wanted to gather data through all the things I participated in. I wanted to present to others that the school is indeed highly populated with whites, but with the proper engagements the U is actually very diverse. I will express my feelings on the matter of diversity on the U Campus.

To show everyone that our school is diverse. I want to do interviews with students from all over. Asking questions ranging from the schools atmosphere to the social aspect of the majority vs. the minority. These interviews will be short clips coming from random students.

Not only will I be doing interviews, there will be a mixture of pictures and short clips of daily University activities. Involving myself with the school activities, I will create an environment suited for me. In doing so, I will show you an environment that could be suited for you also. Diversity within the school is not just on racial aspects but also on the variety of opportunities.


The University of Minnesota doesn’t look diverse, but everything is what you make it out to be. These photos shows the things that I have already participated in. I will say that I did not regret anything, these experiences showed me the different perspectives out there. But most of all these photos remind me of the time where I had just started attending the U.


As a minority, what were your first thoughts on coming to this school?

What clubs are you joining?

Do you believe that this school is diverse?

What was your environment like previously?