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Multi-signature has been around for a while from the old world where it allows groups of users to sign a single document. Its main purpose is additional security for a group of people, i.e. maintaining funds flow or governance power.

In Edgeware it’s possible to create a multi-signature setup, formerly known multi-sig. This article will guide you through how you can create multi-sig and operate it among your team.

board decisions — legal entities such as businesses and foundations use multi-sigs to collectively govern over the entity’s treasury

This tutorial is meant for beginners in mind and in return, you will get joy you’ve managed to write, test and build your first smart contract with ink! language.

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As Substrate supports WASM smart contracts, it means that any language that can compile to Wasm could be used to write these contracts. ink! is Parity’s answer for writing smart contracts using the Rust programming language. You can learn more about ink! at Substrate Developer Hub.

ink! is a Rust-based eDSL for writing Wasm smart contracts specifically for the Contracts module. It is designed for correctness, conciseness and efficiency.

Are you curious about the difference between ink! and Solidity?

While Rust projects can take time to compile, you usually want an experience more like web development where you have shorter durations between running your code in the wild, finding an error, fixing those errors, and then seeing your results deployed faster.

Thank you for community contribution Anette! Author
Thank you for community contribution Anette! Author
Design credit: Thanks for community contribution Anette!

The primary goal of this tutorial is to get your compiling times for Substrate down from 1 hour or more to under 10 minutes, maybe less. My best was around 3 minutes achieved using a cached build or with minimal changes. …

This might be hard for anyone, but with small increments, you may eventually get there and have nice lucid dreaming for yourself. For Free.

Skimp on sleep, and you handicap your brain’s processing power.

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Photo by Ann Danilina on Unsplash

This article is like summary leassons I’ve learned through sleep hacking on myself. With improving sleep, you may access huge benefit, if you have various sleep disorders nowadays. I won’t promise you anything, you need to try yourself 👩‍🔬 I’ve splitted this article in two general sections — physical and mental.

Physical environment — adoption

You may find some good tips you can incorporate into your lifestyle today and you may benefit from your inner peace.

The aim of my isolation was to lower the chances to be dependent on the outer system and mitigate potential risks to get in touch with infected species or items.


  • Excercise in woods
  • Single food replacement
  • Work From Home
  • Minimalist living
  • Streaming packages
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Photo by Andhika Soreng on Unsplash

Excercise in woods

As a healthy human, you need exercise, best every day. I did that by getting an e-bike and it gives me an elevated state of mind and in return, I receive energy levels into my cells.

In this article, we will go through how to deploy basic ink! contract and getting in touch with the stack around Substrate.

What will you learn

You will learn to

  • install prerequisites on your computer,
  • using the ink! cargo-contract plugin to bootstrap a new project
  • building and testing our contract, deploying our contract on a local Substrate node
  • Interacting with our contract using the Polkadot UI Apps.

I made this tutorial working on OSX, but it should work on most popular Linux distributions.

First, we need to get Rust and environment in play

curl -sSf | bash -s -- --fastrustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown --toolchain stable
rustup component add rust-src --toolchain nightly
rustup toolchain install nightly-2020-06-01
rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown --toolchain…

It’s been since the last few years I’ve started noticing my RHR and how I feel overall. I assumed, when I have a higher RHR, my day is pretty terrible.

Higher RHR can signal you are being burned out, tachycardia, hypernatremia, hypertension, sodium toxicity, various cardiovascular problems are connected to higher inflammation in your body

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Photo by Olivier Collet on Unsplash

A recent study funded by Apple, the Apple Heart Study, concluded that an Apple Watch app was able to identify atrial fibrillation with an 84% accuracy.

Mind that nowadays fitness trackers from Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, Xiaomi … can detect abnormal heart rates. …

There are numerous lists of effective and productive habits when you work from home.

Critical is your discipline.

Before massive global work from the home test — worldwide pandemic, I’ve been used to work from home and learned what works for me, does not need to work for you and could be specific for my location.

I assume you can find some helpful hints on how to upgrade your daily habits and routines to perform better.

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Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash

🌅 Get up early

Your day is defined when you wake up. First 20/20/20 minutes.

I recommend you to wake up at 6 am and sooner naturally. Try not to break this habit and maintain it over weekends to adjust the same. Go early to bed, 9–10 pm, and you will be refreshed for your next day’s adventure. Happiness guaranteed, and you will make better decisions in the day and life overall.

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Sierra de Velasco, La Rioja Province, Argentina

Once I had a dream of unlimited access to satellite network’s data. At first, I thought that it is something from science fiction or Tron, but then I realized it could become a reality, and that’s why we have started Starmesh.

“I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer”

My first dream came through having ☄️ a Fireball monitoring system for Earth. (2016). Quite unreal at that time, didn’t found any open data available, narrow customer base — B2G model.

Later, I found, ESA is up to something, and somebody nowadays is on that, ☄️ Fireball and Bolide Data from NASA. ESA even set a special mission, “The asteroid deflection mission,” called Hera, and I consider this highly crucial for Earth safety (Payam Banazadeh). I just realized we don’t have any mitigation system for asteroids, nor great global warning system if anything will go wrong tomorrow. …

Substrate ecosystem from a Frontend perspective

Since our last write up, it was a rough season. We’ve learned a lot during this period. 🤓

🟣 What is KodaDot?

We started as an alternative to Apps. We are reversing React components and rewriting them into VueJs so people who code in VueJs can understand code easily and fork us with the breeze.

We plan to be Whitelabel layer for your wallet, governance dashboard or custom module for your para chain. Feel free to follow us and reach us 👋

📝 Prologue

Like Substrate is an ever-changing environment, we were expecting that we picked bleeding edge. Hopefully, it will stabilize with upcoming Substrate v2. …


Matej Nemček 💫🎋

🦊 @KodaDot 🛰🌍 Space Research @Starmesh1 🔆Solarpunk More->

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