Learn Google Cloud Platform within 5 minutes

I’ve attended a Google Cloud Platform onsite training provided by Google a couple of months ago. It’s a very powerful cloud tool that company and developer can utilize to achieve more creativity, scalability with less cost. Most of Google cloud services are charged by the real usage of your end user, so it may save your business a decent amount of money from buying, maintaining or renting servers. And it’s much easier for you to integrate other Google services like Google Analytics if you’ve already been using. The platform contains a large varieties of features from basic Access Management, Kubernetes Engine to TensorFlow. You will probably get overwhelmed at the beginning. But don’t worry, I created a mind map to help you quickly overview and understand the core infrastructure of Google Cloud Platform, and how each component connect with each other.

From my hands-on experience, it’s fairly easy to set up a cloud service on GCP. Plus Google provides abundant resources and guidelines for developers, the learning curve won’t be too steep. In addition, Google gives developer a $300 credit to spend on their cloud platform, which is pretty good deal if you want to try it out and experiment with.

Lastly, hope my mind map help you quickly overview of the capability and core infrastructure of GCP. If you are interested to learn more, you can find from here. Thanks!