Download Apps to Make Quick & Real Cash$$$ on Trymyapps(IOS 7 or later&US Apple ID required)

Trymyapps is an app for iPhone/iPod users(US Apple ID required). Users can make real cash by downloading apps on trymyapps easily.

How to register trymyapps:

1st, Visit trymyapps on safari and download it on your device

2nd, Register trymyapps with a valid email address

3rd, Bind your verified Paypal account for indispensable money-withdrawal

4th, Start your first journey with trymyapps

How to complete the must-do task(Omaha Poker)

1st, Click [Accept] to claim the task until the status shows [Ongoing];

2nd, Long press the given keyword to copy;

3rd, Remember the correct app icon and its position;

4th, Click [Search in AppStore];

5th, Paste the keywords in app store search field;

6th, Locate the correct app icon;

7th, Install and play it for over 4 minutes until you get $0.4.

After the must-do task is finished, there will be many available tasks waiting for you to earn more money.

Requirements: IOS 7 or later for iPhone &iPod

US Apple ID required

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