A whole-systems theory of change

From a post in Charles Eisenstein’s fb-group “A More Beautiful World”

Co~creators of a More Beautiful World!

I’m interested to hear your resonance (or not) with this THEORY OF CHANGE.

I perceive humanity’s biggest obstacle to harmony as being our old-world social systems (political, economic, financial, educational, media, medical etc ~ all essentially one system that has become severely corrupted through the centralization of money and power). In fact, for all the escalating crises humanity is facing I would say that our systems are for 90-99% the cause and exacerbator.

I understand that many would argue that it is not the system, but our own consciousness that is crisis, and I say “yes, absolutely and… I don’t believe our consciousness would be quite so in crisis if we were not subjected to an artificial and ubiquitous paradigm of competition, dishonesty and scarcity; an industrial-military style education system; a marketing and media industry perfecting the art of mass manipulation, along with a host of other systemic manifestations of deception, inequality, marginalization and an inhuman disregard for Nature.

Then multiply that exponentially as all these competition-and-scarcity-indoctrinated personas start bouncing their shadows off each other without any awareness of the suffering they are creating for themselves and others…

How might our consciousness shift or expand if we lived in a global culture where everybody’s basic needs were met unconditionally?

What if emotional intelligence, authentic expression and conscious communication were taught and practiced in school?

What if all the inspiring and empowering documentaries linked below were shown on TV instead of the “news”?

Ultimately, I see our systemically induced crises and the governing elite as vital catalysts for our planetary awakening. At the soul level I feel grateful for their roles, albethey unconscious and self-serving.

theory or fact?

So here’s my theory:

1. For humanity to thrive in harmony with each other and our natural environment will require a fundamental remodelling of our social systems.

2. We cannot expect our governments or elected leaders to initiate or even support such a fundamental remodelling.

3. To fundamentally remodel our deeply entrenched social systems will require widespread public support and participation (as per each individual’s resonance, will and capacity). “Everyone is a changemaker”

4. We already have numerous holistic models and solutions for all sectors, and anything that is lacking we can figure out — when we align and collaborate around our shared intention (#1).

5. To inform the public about the solutions and alternative models we cannot expect support from the mass media.

6. The most effective way to attract mainstream attention is to create a mass movement that the media cannot ignore.

7. To gather widespread support the movement needs to have a strong focus on cooperation and education through informing the masses about the abundance of solutions and new models that we already have, while also showing how every single person (including the powers-that-were) can play a role in, and will reap the benefits from, the remodelling.

8. All life-affirming solutions, innovations, blueprints, architectures, technologies and methodologies are considered equally valid and will be openly evaluated on the basis of use-cases, accessibility, adaptability, synergistic intent, cost, scalability, whole-systemic and local impact, peer review and collective (public) resonance.

9. All solutions and projects will also show how they are cooperating, collaborating and/or co~creating within their sector and across disciplines.

10. The movement needs to have a clear and uncompromising focus on systemic change, non-violence, radical inclusivity, non-judgment, transparency and cooperation.

11. “Radical inclusivity” means that the movement cannot support any form of polarity-thinking ~ Us vs. Them, “I’m right, you’re wrong” (unless harm is done) etc. and needs to be open to cooperating with existing institutions, especially at the level of local government WITHOUT compromising our values and objectives in any way. It also means that this movement will (progressively) attract organisations that wouldn’t otherwise want to be affiliated with each other. It’s our capacity to rise above our ideological differences, to recognise our common intention and vision, and to tune into and trust our global, national, regional and local “hive mind” (which can use multiple existing technologies to facilitate informed group decision-making), that will determine our efficacy and elegance in transitioning.

12. The movement needs to be highly creative and artistic; appealing and engaging across all ages, cultures, creeds and sexual-orientations; locally adaptable; and inclusive of all peace-loving people and projects.

13. The movement’s effective organisation towards our unprecedented goals will require the setup of customized and potentially innovative structures (a.k.a. “social architectures”) to leverage the collective potential and channel it into effective synergistic and coherent actions.*

14. The movement needs to seek constitutional agreement on a more globally protective system, and model the change. This then leads to the twin requirements of any process going forward with integrity: a) right and responsibility of all to participate in world constitutional deliberation, autonomously (without domination by status quo authority); and b) responsibility of compulsory education to prepare all to participate in world constitutional deliberation and cultivate globally protective responsibilities.**

15. To minimise opposition, infiltration and sabotage the movement must unify and attract high profile support (evolutionary leaders, spiritual guides, progressive celebrities etc.) as swiftly as is gracefully possible. (nudge, nudge)

*from Yan Eperon
** from Neil Davidson

Most people still think changing the entire system is impossible, dangerous or even undesirable. 
I see it as inevitable, and I’m keen to learn who feels the same. 
This is happening through us. 
It’s much bigger than any of us and it includes all of us — whether we resist it, tolerate it, support it, pioneer it, or co~create it — it’s our choice).

In the words of Bretminster Fullofit: 
Resistance is futile. You will be synergized.

It’s time to connect the dots at the planetary scale. 
Our co~creative potential is revealing itself in the NOW 
As we surrender to our unique flow and allow our hearts, 
Passions, skills, resonances,
Synergies and synchronicities 
To guide our way.

We were made for this. 
You were made for this.
We are the ones who are no longer waiting.
We are together.
Let’s co~create Beauty.

A Solutions Revolution is in our hands.

What say you?

For more information about solutions check out Solutions-Awareness Toolkit

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