The Global Transformation Movement

Seeing the movement as a whole is to see its collective potential

Today there are an estimated 1 billion people and 1–2 million collectives working for a better world.

The term Global Transformation Movement (GTM) attempts to describe this planetary movement that encompasses the full spectrum of interests, innovations, ideologies and methodologies related to environmental protection & stewardship, social justice, political & economic reform, indigenous culture, activism, health & wellbeing, spirituality and personal development. It spans all religions, cultures, nations, age-groups and sexual-orientations. It includes NGOs, communities, tribes, grassroots projects, ethical businesses, cooperatives, networks, alliances, movements and more.

This video from 2012 is a rarely seen co-creation between Pachamama Alliance and offering a inspiring taste of the GTM. Paul Hawken’s legendary talk at Bioneers can be seen here.
This is the most diverse movement the world has ever seen. The very word “movement” is too small to describe it. This is fundamentally a human rights movement. It is a democracy movement. It is the coming world.
~ Paul Hawken

Throughout this vast, diverse and pioneering movement we continue to develop countless ecological solutions, social & technological innovations, equality-based economic & political models, and ever-evolving pathways for exploring the realms of human consciousness — including our inherent oneness, and how we relate to ourselves, each other and our natural environment. Within the indigenous roots of this movement we have preserved the heart of humanity’s ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Together, we already have everything we need to co-create a thriving future for all life on Earth.

A new global culture where:

~ the masculine and feminine principles are in complementary balance
~ all of nature is honoured as sacred and interconnected, and all life flourishes
~ every person’s basic needs for optimal health and wellbeing are met unconditionally
~ all social systems, services and technologies enable each person to live their passions, and each expression of life to realise their unique potential in mutual nourishment with the whole.

The most important thing we can do is change the narrative. We need to tell stories about solutions and give people hope rather than struggle with the overwhelming sense of weight and isolation that we feel when we only focus on the problems of the world. We need to encourage, cooperate and inspire our friends, family and community. The solutions to the problems of the world already exist. They just need to be made visible to the public eye so we can implement them at the global scale. Once we expand our worldview to acknowledge the vast scope of the new models, we can create positive change exponentially.
– Maddy Harland, Editor and Co-Founder of Permaculture Magazine

Ironically, the most remarkable feature of this movement is that it is conspicuously absent from the mainstream media. Consequently, most of the human population (>90%) are also completely uniformed about the holistic and game-changing solutions and evolutionary systemic models that can completely transform human society as we know it. This “imposed ignorance” is perhaps the most influential factor in maintaining the current paradigm of artificial scarcity and hierarchy.

Cultural Creatives are not yet aware of themselves as a collective body, they do not recognize how powerful their voices could be.
~ Dr. Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson

Furthermore, even within this movement most people have no idea of the full scale of the diversity, magnitude, genius or, most pertinently, the latent potential of our unified collaboration. Despite the rapid acceleration in innovation throughout all sectors, practically all the pioneering organisations and communities continue to operate within silos, re-inventing wheels, and individually struggling for funding and public exposure and support. Thus, we are urgently called to devise creative ways and means by which the GTM can first become aware of itself as a collective body — sharing the same core values and aspirations — so we can then rise above the radar of the mass media in unison with a lucid, inspirational and resounding message for an everyone-inclusive cultural metamorphosis.

Visions of a healthier world can unite communities, cultures, and humanity into collective action. They can inspire us, as we are positively moving towards a thriving, healthy and sustainable future.
~ Dr. Daniel Christian Wahl

For more information about the movement and solutions check out the Solutions-Awareness Toolkit

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