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I attended NUS Hackers’ Friday Hacks recently where I met an undergrad freshmen who asked me a question regarding Front End as a career.

I’m honestly quite into front end development — web technologies, UI/UX, web design and stuff. …

Front row seat at React Conf 2018!

I was fortunate to have attended React Conf 2018 thanks to my managers — it was an awesome event. I have been watching past React Conf videos online and it was exciting to be able to attend the event and listen to some of the best people in the industry live!

React Conf is a two-day event with over 20 speakers on stage. …

Inside one of Airbnb HQ’s amazing conference rooms

Straight-to-the-point list of technical interview Do’s and Don’ts

Technical interviews can be unnerving at times. It is one of those things where many people dislike but still have to go through. Fortunately, technical interviewing is a skill that one can improve at. I got better at them through tons of practice and mock interviewing. In the process of preparation, I have compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts that I revise before each of my interviews to remind myself of them. Hopefully any potential interviewee can benefit from them!

The content for this post can be found in my Tech Interview Handbook repo on GitHub or on the companion website. …


Yangshun Tay

Front End @ Facebook • Docusaurus core team https://github.com/yangshun

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