My list for the best fries in Brussels

You may still be surprised from my last-week post that French fries were originally from Belgium. The detailed story is that American soldiers arrived in Europe during WWI and French-speaking soldiers eating fries, then they assumed it was a French snacks. I fact, those soldiers are Belgian soldiers and they were eating snacks from home. Nowadays, the most iconic items from that country are fries and mannekenpis (the little peeing boy).

For me, the fries with mayonnaise on top is the best taste from Brussels, my favorite city in the world. You can not find good fries from the restaurants, the best are only from the fries stands. There are many recommendation on tourism books for good fries place. I explored my favorite during my three visits to there. Here is my list:

5. Friture de la Chapelle

I went to this fries stand several times because it is at my favorite neighborhood, le Sablon. The reason this place is on my list is not because they have astounding fries, it’s all because the vintage vibes of the streets and the church the fries stand has been surrounded.

4. Fritland

If you are wondering around the Grand Place in Brussels, and see people holding a red corn with fries in it, they must have been to Fritland. This is the most toursy fries stand in the city because adjacent to the most significant spot in Belgium. Local people are really reluctant to eat there. So I never had fries in there until my best friends had their wedding in La Gallery and we went there for late night snacks. I was surprised that it wasn’t bad at all. The portion was big, the fries were crispy, and the mayonnaise was not too much.

3. Maison Antoine

This is the best fries stand in Brussels on many tourism books. But, it is not! The fries are over cooked, so it feels really dry. And it is always a long queue there. However, I was still going there sometimes for fries is that the stand is in the center of a small plaza, and there are some bars and restaurants around it. They probably had a reciprocal policies that if you order a beer from the shop, you can sit in there and have your fries. Oh, by the way, this place is very close to EU. You may encounter some big name there if you are lucky. I heard that Angela Merkel likes there.

2. Frit Flagey

This place is often mentioned as a serious contender of Maison Antoine. I think it actually has better fries, and it is the most recommended place for fries by lots of local residents. I read some lists, and all the authors were pretty disappointed with this place. I think my subjectivity may because I went to that place right after I landed in Brussels. However, there are several long benches next to the stand, and it was always nice to enjoy your fries with somewhere to sit.

  1. Toldi

I am 100 percent sure that you can never find this recommendation from any tourism books or blogs. I love this place so much that I went there almost every week when I was in Brussels. It is right next to Bordet train station, and operated by a couple. I love this place because only local people going there. It is not toursy at all because no staff can speak English, so only French there. Their best sauce is curry sauce, which perfectly matches the crispiness of the fries.