Here’s What An Investor Update Should Look Like

Terrence Yang
Mar 6, 2015 · 2 min read

I’ve taken RRE Venture’s excellent investor update post and improved it. Mistakes are mine alone.

My additions and changes are in bold italics and preceded with “TY”.

Investor Update [TY: Once you do this once, updating it each month is easy.]

[TY: Remind Us What You Do:

  • TY: This is particularly important if you are updating potential investors or your update is going to syndicate backers or LPs.]

Help Wanted/Asks:

  • [TY: Moved this up to 2nd since busy investors might not read your entire update. Get the most important ask in front of investors right away, after — if necessary — reminding them what you do.]
  • Where do you need the most help from your investors and advisors?

Hiring: [TY — I moved this up because hiring is critical. You must fill your gaps and move fast. ]

  • Were any key employees hired or fired?
  • What positions are currently open


  • What milestones or accomplishments are you most proud of? [TY: list up to 3]


  • What are the things you’re most disappointed about? [TY: Founders almost never say this so just add one thing you learned and your plan to fix this going forward.]


  • What has shipped and has the roadmap shifted?

KPIs/Core Metrics:

  • How is the business / product performing? [TY: What’s the evidence you are making something some people love?]

[TY: Fast Cheap Tests]

  • What tests have you run? What did you build? Ship? Test? Learn? Iterate?]

Business Development:

  • Did you close any notable deals / partnerships?
  • What opportunities are in the pipeline?


  • How much cash is left in the bank?
  • What is the current burn?
  • When do you run out of cash? [TY: At least provide this. It can be a range, e.g., at current burn rates we’ll have x months left but if necessary we can extend that another y months.]


  • Any notable press mentions? [TY: This is mostly a distraction. I’d omit until you’re sure you’re making something some folks love.]


  • Which investors and advisors went above and beyond to help the company?

That’s it.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your comments.

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