A web app for auto-interpreting the decisions of algorithms like XGBoost

There are dangers in having models running the world and making decisions from hiring to criminal justice. While it’s ideal to have models that are both interpretable & accurate, many of the popular & powerful algorithms are still black-box.

Among them are highly performant tree ensemble models such as lightGBM…

Recently I’ve been playing with p5.js to make generative sketches. p5 is a processing-based library which makes it very flexible to sketch shapes & movements.

A particular function that impressed me is perlin noise, which is an Oscar-winning algorithm for generating natural looking random noise. The basic code to draw…

Today I looked into the school shooting incidents from 2010 to 2018 in US primary, middle and high schools with data compiled by the Washington Post.

To compare each state in terms of severity and the nature of shooting for the past 2 decades, I used percentage of targeted attack…

Hannah Yan Han

#100daysproject on data science and visual storytelling ✈️🗺️

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