A Portrait of the Changemakers

Earlier this year, Time Magazine published an interesting project called Firsts, featuring 46 women who are pioneers in their fields, from comedian to explorer, diplomat to astronaut, tastemaker to showrunner.

Inspired by Giora Simchoni’s Read My Face, I re-composed how they look like with who they are. Here are a handful of examples.

The Auteur — Issa Rae
The Driver — Danica Patrick
The Animator— Jennifer Yuh Nelson
The Titan — Oprah Winfrey
The Mogul Sheryl Sandberg
The Journalist — Barbara Walters
The Entrepreneur — Michelle Phan
The Commander — Lori Robinson
The Engineer — Geisha Williams

The feature also include candid interviews on their setbacks, personal histories and motivations. I plotted out how Time magazine has described them: the first woman to chair the Federal Reserve, or the first Latina to head a Fortune 500 company, or the first black poet laureate, and so on. Each is really unique and the list of awesomeness globally probably extends far beyond 46 people.

How they are labeled. Colored by age groups

This is #day72 of my #100dayprojects on data science and visual storytelling. I felt quite thankful for all the people, including the women featured above, who accomplished something amazing and unprecedented and made future a little more accessible for all of us. On a side note, this project also showed me advertisement is kinda everywhere, as in my scrapped copy there are 47 instead of 46. It took me a while to realize the extra one is a sponsored ad. The code is on my github. Thanks for reading. All original photo belongs to Time magazine.