Alter-egos in the Simpsons

How to make a cartoon about a family that runs for more than 25 seasons? You only have so many main characters, unless .. they take on new identities?

Today I’m looking into a dataset containing all the scripts, characters and episodes of the Simpsons.

While searching for what makes each character unique, I found they have so many alter egos, not counting those incognito personalities.

By aggregating total number of words spoken, we can tell who are the main characters. For some reason, Homer and Bart apparently have more portion of the show than Marge and Lisa. Maggie, being a baby, didn’t talk much nor had she alter-egos.

If you are interested in who those alter-egos are, they include the various states of flashback, different body parts (Homer’s feet) and role plays (Queen Marge, Egyptian Slave Homer, Sheriff Lisa, Werewolf Bart)

The Simpsons - a bigger family than you thought

While each of the Simpsons have so many variations, those variations have talked very little compared to the main characters.

What I learnt today is ggimage package, which shows custom image on R plots.

This is #day27 of my #100dayprojects on data science and visual storytelling. Full code on my github. Thanks for reading. Feedbacks are welcomed and opinions are my own.