Building a data science portfolio on

Github is a great page for portfolio with codes and pages in one place to showcase one’s work. Today I decided to build a site.

There are two main ways:

  1. Generating a site with built-in themes and markdown files
  2. Build a site with html/css/js

I initially used option 1, which is a simple 3-step process:

  • go to the setting of a repo
  • choose a source
  • choose a theme. Thereafter the Rmd in the repo will become the front page of the site.

While it’s very convenient, it didn’t quite give me the flexibility I need. So I proceeded to option 2. To have a more customized site one needs to push html.index, css, images and other site contents to one’s repo. I’ve never built a website before, so instead of starting from scratch I used one of the simple site templates and modified the codes to suit my own content.

My very simple yet practical site

It’s very minimalistic and unsophisticated now. I’ll built it up once I know more webdev tricks.

What I learnt today is CSS transition effect, such as making images rotate, slide, fade etc.

I also chanced upon these good tips on what to cover in portfolio projects from Data Science Weekly:

What question you are looking to answer?
Why does this question matter?
What data did you use?
Where you got the data?
How was the data sampled?
How was the data obtained?
How did you explore the data?
How did you model the data?
Why you chose to model it that way?
What code did you write / use?
How did you fit the model?
How did you validated the model?
How you know the results make sense?
How did you visualized the results?
How you would communicate the results to others?
What did you learn?
What you would do differently if you did this project again?
If you were going to continue this work, what next steps you would take with this project?
How you would explain what you did to a data scientist?
How you would explain what you did to a non-data scientist

This is #day15 of my #100dayprojects on data science and visual storytelling. Thanks for reading and welcome to send me ideas and suggestions.