Gay Marriage


Do we need laws to tell us what`s right or wrong? Aren`t we brought up with a sense of right and wrong? Don`t laws begin with an innate sense that we have to do what is right? You mean we can`t tell if stealing is wrong until there`s a law against it? When there is no law to say what is right or wrong, conscience takes over.

Pull up a chair, let me tell you the story.

As I was scrolling my Facebook on my Iphone I saw some of my friends have a rainbow colours on their profile pictures. Then I clicked on one of their profile picture and the application triggered me whether I want to change my profile picture to rainbow colours. So I changed my profile picture to rainbow colour without even trying to figure out what it is for. Then I just realized that these people were doing it because they were celebrating Gay Marriage that was legalize on 9th July 2015. No no, I swear to God that I`m not gay. I still love men and have interest in them hehehehe… So I decided to change it back to normal profile picture looking on my Facebook.

So yeah, In the United States, same-sex marriage has been legal nationwide since June 26, 2015, when the United States Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that state-level bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional.[1][2][3] The court ruled that the denial of marriage licenses to same-sex couples and the refusal to recognize those marriages performed in other jurisdictions violates the Due Process and the Equal Protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution. The ruling overturned a precedent, Baker v. Nelson (Quoting from Wikipedia). I have so many gay friends here in Malaysia and I knew most of them when I was studying in USM. Eversince then some of them end up getting married now with a real woman and have kids, and some of them followed their gay partners to over sea because in Malaysia it is not possible for them to get married.

I still remember back then, this was really a hush hush to public. Day time you would have seen that these people dress like a straight man but at night time they turned into beautiful ‘woman’, but you kind of know that whether they are gay or not by talking to them. Even back then, when these people have partners, they are not really telling or sharing with their friends except those within their own groupies.

But look at what happen today. The sky off the limits. People are getting more open with the internet fever. In fact these gay groups, partners are openly with their relationship in Malaysia nowadays. In fact, if we look at the fashion statement nowadays, it is prone to appeal this type of group. Just imagine, the Hari Raya baju melayu was designed until it loses the Malay characteristic. There was one day, I came across with Guardian leaflet, female products was featured under men section. I thought it was a mistake, but no, those eyeliners, eye shadow and compact powder are meant for men. It was planned to be feature under men section. I was telling myself “they must be kidding me” by promoting it upfront!!

So back to the topic, Gay marriage, it has been legalize in US now and some people in Malaysia are truly support on this matter be it gays themselves, even straight people that has gay good friends. I just couldn’t imagine if this scenario happen in Malaysia. Quite scary come to think about it. I know I have many gay friends, and by hearing their background how they turn up to be a gay was not something I think they want to be that way. I know they can choose not to be, but this traits were developing when they were still a kid. For example, one of my gay friend was dreaming about a guy when he reach puberty and obviously that was out of his control. I didn’t even know how to react with his story but I know for the fact that it wasn’t his plan to have a wet dream with a guy.

I know it is against the religion. No other religion that support this LGBT as far as I know. The rules of law was being set up base on the human rights not riding on the religion context. If we talk within the Theo-Norm theory “the moral character of human beings must be determined by relating it with God`s intention and relationship”, of course this is against the human nature and religions. But ones might or will fight their right looking at their situations.

Putting religion at the side, and trying to think from human rights perspective. Relativism theory, these people technically are right. When talking about ethically and morality is very relative. What is correct for one society may be wrong for another. There is no universal standard by which morality can be judged.

To be honest, personally I just don’t know how to evaluate this. Yeah I know I`m a Muslim and in my context this is against my religion. But my friends, they are not a bad person, they don’t kill people, they don’t steal other people`s belonging and some of them really never miss their prayers. But their desire towards men is not something that they were asking for it. Some really strive very hard not to go into it but some slipped away in a journey of trying to become a better person. So if people ask me, I just don’t know. But I`m not supporting it neither pushing these type of friend away. I just pray and doa so that one day Allah will open their heart to become strong on overcoming their personality issue. After all who are we to judge right? Every each one of us has our own problems to deal with and we can`t compare theirs with ours. Show our mercy and love to people not judging them.


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