If you haven’t heard the name Christian Louboutin you’ve most likely came across one or two pairs women wearing high heels with red soles. which they pretty much speak for themselves when it comes to the brand. The French legendary shoe designer always had an early eye and love for shoes. In the early 80's he managed to get first hand experience when he got a job with Charles Jourdan. In the 90's he opened his first Paris shoe boutique. He began to get attention for his red sole heels when Princess. Caroline first started wearing them on her many outings, and in Hollywood, the one and only Madonna wore them in her music videos. He’s one of the biggest names in the shoe industry with about 500,000 pairs sold a year. Louboutin’s range $400-$6000 depending on the techniques and design. If the numbers aren’t enough evidence of his success, all you have to do is start looking down on women’s shoes to see how frequently they are seen anywhere and everywhere.

I believe he’s definitely cemmented his name in the fashion industry with not only what people would say his “fuck me heels”, but also his classic, elegance, consistency in each and every design and technique involved in each pair crafted. I think his techniques and designs were extremely innovative with not just his signature in every pair but with the way he’s presented to a standard for them throughout the years.

Christian Louboutin, the legend.

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