Embracing the madness in the playground that is New York. Is this Portlandia’s future?

Great idea. Horrible plan.

Flying into NYC is an adventure in itself. I decided to take a red-eye. Not only did I lose three hours of my “night”, I barely got any sleep on the flight. Regardless, I arrived in one piece and proceeded with my expedition. Arriving around 7am, I have roughly eight hours to explore before I could check into my hotel and get ready for the pre-party.

It was roughly 11pm when I decided to check my social media before I crashed for the night. As I opened up my Snap Chat feed, I happened to click on the New York story. Instantly, I saw clips of Justin Bieber with his pop-up shop and Keith Urban in concert.

I thought to myself, “how I love how there is always something going on in NYC.”

At that moment, I had no relative connection to what I was seeing on my four-inch screen. It was only after I closed the app and proceeded to sleep did I realize. ‘this very pop-up shop and the concert is only a few blocks from me.’

I am literally right here… in the center of all the madness.

I wasn’t overwhelmed nor intimidated. In fact, I could feel the energy surging through me. I’m finally standing in New York City, not as a tourist but as a young entrepreneur seeking creative insight and connection into the world of business. No. NYC is not an attraction to stare at nor admire, this is a playground calling my name.

I’m back home now, in Portlandia. Reflecting on my trip, I realize how connected NYC is with the rest of the world. Everything is there. Everyone is there. It really did feel like the center of the universe.

But here’s what’s interesting.

People from New York are moving around the country, and it’s likely that a lot of them are moving to Portland, Oregon. Could it be that not everybody likes the madness of that playground of New York and prefers the “chill vibe” in the Rose City?

Looking ahead at the next five or ten years, it’s a sure bet that good old Portlandia will look a little different.

The question is, how will Portland embrace the madness? How will we react? Will it help us grow to become the next great city,

or will it destroy us?

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