The world’s most epic bank statement, 6 months later

the 25lb statement

As outlined in The world’s most epic bank statement, My favorite day of the month is bank statement day at my company. There is a combination of two silly things which have a hilarious result.

  • We do hundreds of thousands of searches with the DMV every month, who charge us a fee by credit card for each transaction, and gives us no other payment method
  • Silicon Valley Bank gives us no paperless billing option for our account

The result is, on the 16th of every month, we get an incredibly epic bank statement that costs ~$40 in shipping. This has been happening every month now for the past 6 months.

question: what costs $41 to ship ~10 miles?

answer: our epic bank statement

gets me every time
so many wasted trees :(

Fun side note: the E-statement takes 30+ minutes to download because it’s huge and their servers are really slow!