Three predictions for 2018
Amit Karp

Amit I agree it will sink at one point, but the excitement is not over yet, however the reasons are technological in nature. While Bitcoin is a great POC for DLT, and DLTs are great for the era we live in, i.e. — little to no trust. Bitcoin has fundamental technological flaws that will prevent it from becoming a global currency: (1) the energy consumption for mining BTC is not sustainable (2) the transaction fee miners are getting is identical regardless of the amount sent, so at high prices you can justify only large transactions (3) the Bitcoin blockchain can handle 6 transactions/sec, while there are about 60,000 credit card transaction/sec.

There are new DLT technologies, with Hashgraph being one of the more promising ones. It has resolved all of the above mentioned issues and it provides higher security at the crypto layer. When I’m thinking of the Hashgraph DLT vs. Bitcoin’s blockchain DLT, the analogy I have is that Bitcoin is like “Sumerian script”, while Hashgraph is modern day English. One uses thousands of signs to describe a limited number of ideas and the other 26 signs to describe endless number of ideas.

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