Incremental Gains in Society

The Left has realized that pushing forward ideas is not a zero-sum game. They move slowly to make small gains that slowly advance their position. The logic being that a normalization process occurs within the populace and then the Left can get a little bit here and there until they have succeeded.

History within the United States shows that this is a true understanding of how to best “win” in politics. At this point, I would also say that it would be generations before any conservative/libertarian style of government or society could ever exist in the United States.

I say this because the Left has infiltrated both sides of the argument. They are both Democrats and Republicans. Our foreign policy was designed by neoconservatives, all of whom were Democrats that switched over to being a Republican, who have convinced Republicans to go along with their plans. Meanwhile, the Democrats have moved further and further towards socialist/communist ideas.

The Left has an institutional control over the education of the society. If today’s youth were not economically illiterate, there is no way that the ideas of Bernie Sanders would be gaining traction with that demographic. Why do you think Ron Paul has developed his own school program? This is because the things taught in school are distorted to show how government can help, or what the government approved stance and there is no differing opinion.

The Left have had massive successes throughout history, all of which are still championed today. President Wilson was a great internationalist, then we get to the greatness of Roosevelt and the New Deal. We never talk about the real reasons we were involved in World War I and World War II. Their economical views on redistribution that put us closer to socialism have already been proven to not work. See Lenin’s Russia. The Progressives are not good on war.

There are some freedom/liberty-minded Republicans such as Ted Cruz, Justin Amash, and Rand Paul. I am sure there are more but I do not know the Congress as well as I should. I may disagree with them on foreign policy, but they have some good ideas about how America should be governed. The House Freedom Caucus, Freedom Works, and the House Liberty Caucus are not perfect but they are at least trying to something good within America, and affect change in a positive way. Even Murray Rothbard was able to set aside his views on economics to side with the New Left against war.

I understand the need to be principled, however whether you are a minarchist, a Constitutionalist, a conservative, or an anarchist, I urge to look for any small gains within the political spectrum you can find and take them. Keep your local and state elected officials accountable to your beliefs and principles. If they are not working to make the place you live freer, then find someone else. Ensure you do the same the Federal level.

Political activism has to be a priority for those within the liberty movement. I sympathize with the volutaryist who does not see electoral politics as an answer. You cannot change the system without affecting the system. By staying away from politics, it only gives more power to those who would use their vote to tax away from your money and send your son or daughter to another war.

There is no one answer here. Whether you write it, film it, market it, have a radio show about it, or you campaign on it, we must all be about liberty. For myself, it to become a politician and I plan take a seat in the House of Representatives in 2020.To affect real change, we must stop the infighting and come together, despite disagreements, and push back against an ever-intrusive government.

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