Paying for Occupation

We could go back to the controversial, at-best, giving of land to create Israel and the war crimes of the Nakba, the admitted pre-emptive war in 1967, the First and Second Intifadas, or the 51-Day War. However, we will stay in current day.

Israel is said to be our “greatest” ally. U.S. foreign policy is typically developed with Israel in mind, and the interests of the U.S. seem to blend with or be the same as Israel interests. This specifically comes up with U.S. policy in Syria, not to mention the Iraq War. One deviation might be the Iran deal, but even Israel’s own nuclear panel supports the deal. That news comes, of course, after the appeasement of the Israeli government. Now we have the news that the U.S. will adding to its annual aid to Israel.

All of this is, I guess, can be excused away for on reason or another. We have to protect Israel because they face violence on a daily basis and those big bad Palestinians will not leave the poor peaceful Israelis alone. Israel and its supporters just cannot understand why they are attacked.

I have tried unsuccessfully to make the Palestinian case before, but I must plead from the position, not solely of human rights, but from international law and simply that this is something that U.S. puts money towards.

First with respect to international law, specifically Fourth Geneva Convention Article 49, which states “The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.” Conveniently, Israel does not think that the Fourth Geneva Convention applies to their occupied lands of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Gaza is no longer, technically, occupied. It is just under complete control of Israel. Three international jurists weighed in on the issue of Israeli occupation last year.

Now if none of that convinces you, then I submit the position that the United States, the “leader of the free world”, should not pay for the occupation and violence of Palestinians. Regardless, of whether or not you find the legality of of the occupation a compelling argument, surely, paying money to a nation that treats those it occupies horrifically is something that you can support.

As of the 18th, 44 Palestinians have been killed and 1300 injured since October 1st. Violence is continuing to escalate on both sides, the difference being that Jewish attackers are arrested and Palestinians are killed. An Israeli Rabbi was attacked by another Israeli. How can anyone watch this terrible treatment of a shot boy and go on without some cognitive dissonance is beyond me.

Is this really a country that should be receiving billions of dollars every year from the U.S. government? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that Israel will “forever live by the sword”. The U.S. should not be involved with any foreign country as intimately as it is with Israel, especially as this type of behavior goes on.

The President, no matter who it is, should expend as much as political capital he or she has to broker some sort of one state solution that allows for basic human rights to be observed by all inhabitants of the area.

The Palestinians do not do themselves any good publicity when they attack IDF because that is what gets reported. The Palestinians are referred to in Western media as “terrorists”. They are actually a defeated people, trying really hard not become extinct. Do not let the U.S. continue to support Israel’s decimation of the Palestinians.

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