The Left-Right Paradigm

The Left-Right Paradigm

The political system has existed as a two-party system in the United States since the 1796 Presidential Election, and there have been some attempts from a third party to win the Presidency. Most recently was Ross Perot who did well to split the Republican vote when then-President Bush was up for re-election.

I like to think about Theodore Roosevelt, who had already been President. Then he decided to go off to Africa and delve into hunting, a beloved hobby. When he returned stateside, he decided to run against President Taft for the nomination of the Republican Party. He failed, but started his own party, Progressive. He was a single-issue candidate, women’s suffrage. He received 27% of the vote beating out Taft with 23%. Eight years later, the right to vote was granted to women with the 19th Amendment.

Ideas outside the mainstream of CNN and Fox News are easy to find. It is important that we challenge ourselves with people and ideas that we do not agree with. This helps us to strengthen or improve our arguments, discover an issue we might have not known about or change our minds on completely.

I look at the Republicans and Democrats today. Now ideologically, they are very different. They come at issues with different frames of mind and they want to accomplish different goals. On the issues, they are similar though. Let me begin with taxes. Republicans want lower taxes and Democrats want higher taxes. That is the spectrum of the debate. What about no taxes? Get outta town! How can government exist without taxes? Well, that is the point, too an extent, but that is for another time.

Next are their stances on war. Now, the Left is painted as being antiwar or having bad leadership because they “don’t do enough”. That simply is not true. President Obama himself has expanded some wars and even been involved in new ones, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Ukraine, to name a few. The Right has a quite name for itself and its’ wars and regime change. You know happens when you disagree with war? You are called “un-patriotic”, or an “isolationist”. Well, if it is unpatriotic to think critically about why we are sending our best and brightest to die, then fine.

I think about the various things that have occurred in history and how might the world be different, one such event is the CIA regime change in Iran. Maybe the world would be a safer place without that event. Iraq was supposed to be easy. The problems we face today are not isolated from history. The Right and the Left have played their role in causing future problems for us all.

The people have to force their representatives in Congress to standup and say No! If they will not hold themselves accountable, then the voters must do it for them. We cannot continually re-elect the same people. If you want to see change, you have to make it happen. There is no waiting for liberty to fall on our heads. We must actually evaluate their voting record, and ask ourselves if they are voting for liberty. If they are not, it is time for them to go home. We must speak out and be a voice for liberty. There is no real dissent on the important issues of the day. It is time to change that.