Unite behind Trump or disengage from National Politics

The 2016 Republican National Convention takes place July 18–21 in Cleveland, Ohio. Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee, meaning that the delegates at the convention could pick someone else. There is a chance that the party could pick someone else. Who they would pick is up for debate. I could see Cruz, Rubio or Romney gaining some serious support at the convention and “stealing” the GOP nomination.

From the party’s standpoint, I could not blame them. Trump has said some very troubling things and I do not want to even consider what it would take to implement his domestic policy. His statements on foreign policy have been on a spectrum of pretty good to terrible. No one can really say how he would handle any given situation. On the other hand, on the national stage I do not think there is a GOP candidate that stands a chance. There is no significant difference between anyone who ran in the primaries and the last two GOP nominees for President, McCain in 2008 and Romney 2012.

However, Hillary is a known known. Her domestic policy is even further to the Left than the current President and her foreign policy stances have led to the existing problems we see in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen. There is no saving grace, she does not have good judgment. The use of private e-mail to conduct official, including classified, business is proof of that.

I am no fan of Donald Trump. The political views he has put forth are not coherent and appear to be on whim or general feeling rather than an actual comprehensible ideology. However, dividing the GOP at the RNC is not the answer. It only further secures the election of Hillary Clinton.

There is an alternative. We can disengage from national politics altogether. The federal government does not follow the Constitution, it is time for the states to take back the power. I would highly suggest getting involved in local politics, either as a politician or as a supporter. Understand the issues and start to rollback government, in general. The less government that is in everyone’s life, the better. On the state level, there are ways to get the federal government out of the equation. Nullification is one way, and engagement is another. Engage on specific issues and understand how you can get Democrats and Republicans to agree on those issues. The Tenth Amendment Center is the best group in the nation at doing this.

If you cannot stand Trump or Hillary, increase your freedom in your city and in your state by choosing politicians that will no to federal overreach!