Diagnosis 2016

Diagnosis: we awake now at the tail end of a many millennia long historical process in which mankind attempted to control nature, thwart death and curry favor with fate by the consolidation of resources and power.

Those most addicted to the illusion of dominion over the human condition have grown callous, desperate and fearful behind the paper thin veil of their realpolitik.

As they redouble their efforts against diminishing returns and the shocks of an inherently chaotic system, the earth’s vampires seek to infect us all with their blasphemous and insatiable quest to possess and deplete.

We few left with eyes to see and souls to feed are a resistance of sorts. We are distinguished not by race, religion, age or race but by an ability to perceive the malaise of our time as it is — a toxic waste product of arrogance.

We are the keepers of the flame that burns in every heart of man. We bear, as always, the burden of Sisyphus. We are tasked to retie the Gordian Knot severed so long ago in the name of conquest at all costs.

Our opponent is formidable.

They have constructed an alternate reality built from the bones of death itself, stocked with comfort and lust alike, named Mammon.

They have staked their reign on the presumption that intellect will always surrender to animalism, that this world is given to be destroyed and that true happiness will only come in the next life to those who squander their time alive in callow obedience to false creeds, the assorted graven images of cross and crescent, flag and coin.

We few are destined to victory even in death because we serve the very core of life: the irrepressible spirit, the crown of consciousness, the essential wind that knows only the great carving energy of storms and the ecstasy of toppling the rootless oak.

If 2016 has been a drain, a disappointment or a disgrace, it has also been a tremendous reminder that we cannot afford to stay asleep any longer.

Yankee Fuckin’ Jim

“In the midst of chaos there is also opportunity.” — Sun Tzu