Preparing an Individual for a Successful Life

A lot of controversy has been raised over public schooling versus private schooling. Much debate has been made about the advantages and disadvantages of public and private schools. However, the choice lies with the parents of school age children. Many aspects must be reviewed before a choice can be made. These aspects include effectiveness of both types of school systems, religious background, proper funding, personal educational beliefs, and racial integration as well as many others. This is the thesis I am going to discuss some successful schools are schools that abide by government standard to prepare an individual for a successful life. All public schools can not be successful schools only by following government standard requirements. There is a lot more to preparing an individual to have a successful life. It all beings by where he/ she comes from, what kind of life style he/she has growing up. Not only does the school a child is attending plays a big role in their life, but also how he/she life is outside of school.

“At present, Americans seem to agree on very little. But they do appear to agree that public schools are failing badly. On one side of the debate are mostly professional educators, who believe that the problem stems from inadequate funds to pay for higher teachers’ salaries, better curriculum, updated laboratories, newer build- ings, and well-stocked libraries” ( Tuker). This being said, public schools are run through a board that makes decision of what will be best for a child to have good education. Some public schools are successful if there are in an area where there is a lot of money, that means the public school has more funds to have extra activities for a child. In the other had, a public school that is low on funds will lack on being able to give the sources a child needs in order to help them succeed. For example, when examining conditions outside school that affect children’s academic development, it turns out that concentrated poverty, whether in schools or the neighborhoods surrounding drags down a child ability to learn which can affect their friends, neighbor classmates as well. Another important things that schools do not really focus on is personal and family circumstances, or at least taking in more and more of the residents of our large cities. So not only does a child need a well funded public school to succeed in life, but what he/she is doing after school or where they live.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of public schools. One advantage is that public schools are funded by the government, where everybody has the right get the benefit of public education or zero cost tuition. Parents seek to offer their children a public education to get rid of tuition fees. Public schools are founded in rural area where it’s hard for public schools to be available there. It also offers to their student’s many chances to accomplish their studies abroad where they can extend their knowledge. In addition, public schools hire teachers and administrators who are highly qualified. So in the end it is really is based on a lot o qualities, an individual ca not only be successful just because he/she went to a private school.“School board members, superintendents, and other senior admin- istrators were interviewed regularly to record their perceptions of presenta- tions made by members of the public at meetings and private communications about school policy from members of the public” (Orr).

First of all, education starts at home. Parents have a responsibility to engage their children in the type of play that gives them the basic skill sets that they need. ABCs, counting games, coloring. If they have those basic skills, it allows teachers to build from it, and go forward. Furthermore, if the school is well funded and teachers are getting paid enough money, they willdo the rest of the job. Some public schools are located in areas, in cities.. Where there is a lot of violence, schools constantly going on lockdown for one reason or another, teen pregnancy, kids who can barely read or write. Why? Because there is not enough resource or there are bad teachers, so if a teacher is bad and not getting paid well enough. The statistics of a child succeeding is very low. That being said, it makes no sense why a school districts focus on having public meetings, to create school policies instead of doing this. School districts should make a priority to hire well educated teachers, that have had many experiences teaching, and having meetings to evaluate them, because if he/she can’t teach. They are the reason why Some successful schools are not schools that prepare an individual for a successful life. Therefore, not all government standard schools are successful schools.


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