Hello all,

In my previous articles, I presented our vision of the ideal microservices stack, and why we were building it.

Today, I am proud to announce that a working prototype is available at https://empower.sh. This article will be illustrated by screenshots from our demo platform, on Kubernetes. You can follow this tutorial to install the prototype on your own Kubernetes cluster.

You can find the code of the prototype on the example repository. This example project is also the starting point to use the stack, you can fork the repository and adapt it to create your own architecture.


In the first post I presented what, in my opinion, the ideal framework/stack should include and why. In this post, I’ll go deeper into the technical details and precisely explain how we can build it.

The backend

First and foremost, the backend itself which will contain the CRUD libraries. I’ll not go too deep into this subject because I already wrote another post for this, but I shall say more about the language choice : Golang.

Golang is a very promising language, almost as fast in execution as C, multi-threaded, and statically typed. Moreover, it’s a fantastic language for beginners, not only…

What is the best framework around here? Which one should I use to build my next project, startup, or to make sure my mission at my next customer goes well?

Those are questions many developers are often asking themselves. A framework is the toolbox, the foundation we are using to build a project, and it heavily defines the quality of our work.
It often makes the difference if we will or not be able to deliver, and it’s so easy to get lost among the many choices we now have.

Before being able to answer this, we shall ask ourselves…

Golang is a very promising language, if you are here this is probably what you believe. Still, it is yet challenging and time-consuming to build a service with it.

I come from the Python world, where I used several frameworks and ERPs to build successful backends for my customers. In these tools, I especially valued how it was stupidly simple to implement boring CRUD, which is whatever the project, often the first step to an early prototype and to success.

You just have to define the name of a new model, his fields, and the tool will take care of…


French developer, backend/ERP software. Opensource advocate and passionate, always learning. http://empower.sh

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