This article demonstrates how building a smarter API serving Deep Learning models minimizes the response time.

Your team worked hard to build a Deep Learning model for a given task (let’s say: detecting bought products in a store thanks to Computer Vision). Good.

You then developed and deployed an API that integrates this model (let’s keep our example: self-checkout machines would call this API). Great!

The new product is working well and you feel like all the work is done.

But since the manager decided to install more self-checkout machines (I really like this example), users have started to complain…

Read the full article on Sicara’s blog here.

This article will show you how to make perfect Python command line interfaces, to improve your team productivity and comfort.

As Python developers, we always use and write command-line interfaces. On my Data Science projects, for example, I run several scripts from command-line to train my models and to compute the accuracy of my algorithms.

This is why a good way to improve your productivity is to make your scripts as handy and straightforward as possible, especially when you are several developers working on the same project.

In order to achieve that…

10 data articles handpicked by the Sicara team, just for you.

Welcome to the May edition of our best and favorite articles in AI that were published this month. We are a Paris-based company that does Agile data development. This month, we spotted articles about the last breakthroughs in AI as well as some controversies. Let’s kick off with the comic of the month:

Yannick Wolff

Lead Data Scientist at Sicara

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