Why I Stopped Using Multiple Monitors
Cory House

While I will admit that my use case is a bit different from yours, because I both do video editing and IT development, I disagree on some points with you.
For me, your argument for the virtual windows cancel your whole point.

I have always favored high resolution screens, even before it was cool ;).
I first had a Dell laptop workstation, then few years later a Vaio Z serie with Full HD on a 13" screen ( back in 2011 it was cool ;)), then few years later I bought the high end model of Macbook Pro retina that I ran at 2800x1800 with a software trickery, and very recently, I switched back to Windows, buying an Alienware 15 R3 (because it sports an Nvidia 1070) with the 15" screen running at 3840x2160.
It took a couple of months for my eyes to adapt to a native 4k resolution, but now, I truly can’t go back to “standard” resolutions, even more than before.

But I run my 15 screen at 4K precisely to NOT have to use virtual windows, what I want is not to have to constantly switch, what I want is precisely the opposite, to have everything displayed in one place, so that my mind can work at full speed without being slowed by trying to find in which virtual windows is my photoshop app and in which one is my illustrator window open, or in what virtual windows is my sublime text open and in which one are my terminals, docker, or VS open.

And in the rare cases I need to have in the same time lots of space-consuming app, like when I do audio editing AND video editing, or when I do web video development, or when I do switch between 4 different wordpress sites I maintain and I have to see the latest bootstrap or fontawesome changes and I need to see the 4 terminals for the 4 wordpress installations, or or or …
then I use 2 small high DPI external screen in addition to the screen of my laptop, which gives me a 3 screen setup so it’s still centered.
And I am even thinking of buying a big 50 inch screen to go on top of these 3 screens, to visualize the output of the videos or else in a real big fashion.

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