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“Hence ‘banishèd’ is banished from the world,
And the world’s exile is death.”
Romeo and Juliet.
Seventh Edition, 2B.

Here’s a tale of castles and kings, goblins and trolls.
If only you abide by magic.

The pursuit of a stable ceiling is intrinsic to the human condition. It’s a survival trait hardwired in our lobes over millennia.

Time hastens on eyes closed. It brings dreams of mansions, surrounded by woods, bound by no walls. …

Mankind has an unwritten rule: in case of problem, kill it with fire.

— —

Good memories are fond memories.
Bad memories are traumas. People are not fond of traumas.

We tend to dislike things that latch too hard on our brain. Tumors, bullets, eldritch tentacles — we usually need those off. But reckless excise attempts can, and often do nail the coffin. Or worse.

So there’s Option Α: we learn to live with the extra head weight. We do this one a lot.

GLaDOS (not Mark Twain) once wrote that Comedy = Tragedy + Time. And it’s true! If today you go to the Colosseum, a place where a lot of innocent blood was shed in Antiquity, you’ll see gladiator-clad actors ready to pose for and take funny pictures with eager tourists. …

I like when I listen to the National Anthem ceremoniously. I halt, then look to the nearest flag and sing it. Maybe that’s elementary school nostalgia, when hearing it was mandatory. But I take pride in knowing the full-fledged Anthem by heart and getting its meanings over a listen.

Working in Rio’s Carnival Parade for some years, I often heard the National Anthem many times the same week.

— —

It’s curious how exercising interpretation on just about anything goes right through each one’s own personal (and often unconscious) background.

The first time I heard Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”, back in 2008, I was skeptical. I took with chunks of salt anyone willing to mainstream themselves on minorities since suddenly minorities were cool. It took me a while to accept that The Big Bang Theory wasn’t a geekwash or that Lady Gaga’s relationship with her Little Monsters was authentic. …


Yan Telles

I try to write about games, psychedelia, the persistence of memory and failed attempts at being a better person. I often fail.

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