2015 — Year in Review

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Two thousand fifteen is almost over. For this purpose I dedicate this blog post to look back on this amazing year.

In this very moment, I am sitting on a stump in one of my favourite places to be. Watching the mountains and a sea of fog beneath them. Some of the last sun stokes are making the way on to my face.

I started into 2015 with a lot of friends at this cool home party. And by then, I could not think of something better to kick of this year than what I experienced then. I got home when the first sun strokes of 2015 already reached my place. But I could not sleep the whole day, I had something great to do in the evening. Snow walking. There, I made the first movie of this year. You can have a look at it

It made the whole first day of this year even more amazing, as it was just perfect. But images say more than a thousand words, so it would be cool if you have a look at it.

Another great thing too look back at is, that I published my third app in the Google Play Store for Android! But I have to be honest, that this is the first app I am really proud of. It is an app for managing grades, as I was always on the look out for something like that but found nothing suitable. I spent quite a long time developing it and I think it might help someone out there.

Later on in this year, in mid March to be specific, I went on to my first trip. To Edinburgh, Scotland. It was a trip during the project week we had in our school and I was really lucky to be chosen to go there for a visit. When I look back to this city right now, I have to say that it was such a great experience there. Almost every building is a piece of art which made this whole city so awesome. Not only that, but also the people I met and the whole happiness there was made this experience unforgettable to me. But hey, I made a movie about this trip, too! Check it out here. I’m super happy about what turned out and with it, I have something to remind me about how incredible this trip was.

During the first days of April, I made another movie. But this time with a story! As I took movie class this year, we had to make our own storytelling movie. And we made this one over here. I learnt a lot while doing it, as I have never done something like this, with professional equipment, before. I learnt that it is really important to shoot scenes more than once so that you be prepared against Murphy’s Law. I will take all those experiences into my next movie to make that one even better.

Until July started, I basically went to school and learnt at home as I had a lot of things to prepare util the exams. But the most important part was, that I passed my exams and so I’m now able to study at a university. Yay.

After that I had holiday. A lot. From the beginning of July until mid September when I started with my study. More to that later.

And I can say that this holiday was the best time of my life, yet. Let me explain. It started with a lovely trip to London, one of my most favourite cities! A friend and I spent there almost a week. Next to visiting all those fancy things in London, we also went to the incredibly awesome Harry Potter Studio Tour! And for me as a really big Harry Potter fan, this was so amazing. I was stunned for like the whole time we spent there. I would go there again. Here are some images :)

left to right: The Shard | Harry Potter Studio Tour Impression | Chromeo Concert

After getting home, I went on some festivals and concerts and had a really good time with my friends.

Then, in mid August I went to New York for 3 weeks. What I experienced there is incredible. All those different people I met whilst either being on the campus or exploring New York City is overwhelming. But hey, next to the daily blogs, I wrote a blog which perfectly summarises my experience. Check it out here. But if you just want to watch the video, I am fine. Here you go.

After I got home from this amazing trip, I started with my study right on the next day. It is all about engineering, design and management & the first day went pretty well. I had no jet-lag at all. And until now, I really like studying. I met so many new nice people and I have lessons about things I really want to know, not just things I do not care a lot. I am really motivated to go on with my study in 2016 as it makes me kind of happy.

Also, In the same week I wrote my Cambridge Advanced English exam and passed it! That makes this trip to New York even more satisfying. :)

The rest of the year I spent going on concerts, hiking, studying, working, partying and having a really great time. As I mentioned in this Instagram post, 2015 was the best year for me, yet. I had so many incredible adventures and met new cool people. And I give everything that 2016 is going to top that, even if thats going to be a challenge.


For all the number-oriented people out there, here are some facts about me about 2015.


That’s a long time. Although, only 1% more than in 2014. — Spotify


I love the combination of The Shard and One World Trade Center. ❤ — Instagram, #2015bestnine

Medium — Blogs:

Including this blog, I posted 29 articles here in this year. Absolutely going to continue that in 2016.


I went on to 11 concerts and 2 festivals. Each of them was perfect in his own way. I will continue to go on concerts in 2016, as this makes me so happy. You can read about this here.


In 2015, I visited 4 countries (USA, England, Scotland, Italy). I will absolutely keep traveling in 2016 as this is something fulfils me with happiness and is probably the greatest thing to do. ❤

So. I hope you also had an awesome 2015. Let us make 2016 even cooler.

See you in 2016!

I’m Yannick Pulver, 20 years old. I’m currently living in Bern, Switzerland. You can follow me by visiting my website yanu.me, looking at my pictures on Instagram, or read about my thoughts on Twitter.

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