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Day 2 | EF New York

My first night at the EF campus was over quite fast. I slept not that bad and like 8 hours of non-interrupted sleep. So far so good. The pillow could be a bit more comfy but well —its ok for those 3 weeks.

After showering & making myself ready, I went for breakfast. Breakfast is served in Rita Hall, so is lunch & dinner. Yeah — every building got his name. The name of the dormitory I’m resting in is for example named St. Johns Hall. Good, enough. Anyway, the Cafeteria in Rita Hall looks like the one in High School Musical. So fun. The meals are not bad. The bread isn’t that great, but I’ve been already aware of that — so I don’t mind.

After Breakfast we went to the orientation event. There, a lot of us got the message, that they have to do the placement test again. And probably everyone already did it at home — Mehh.

After the test— which was actually quite similar to the test at home — we waited until 2 o’clock. Because of what? Because of the welcome tour — and therefore included, my first visit to New York City. Yeah.

It all started in the Rita Hall theatre, where we got some information about the trip and New York City itself. Goosebumps. And afterwards the trip started.

A 20min walk followed by a 40min train ride and we were inside the Grand Central Terminal. Wow.

Grand Central Station

Its huge. Really. And super cold. A few minutes later we went on our way to the Top of the Rock — which is situated on top of the Rockefeller center and some say it gives the best view onto New York City. When I got out of the train station and saw the first buildings — I was soo stunned.

Madison Ave

I mean how awesome is that? I had to keep in mind that I should sometime look down to check the road. Yeah.

Me on top of the Rockefeller Center

The “stunning-level” was again set to an higher level when we went up to the Rockefeller building. The skyline of New York in its super overwhelming way.

Awesome. Afterwards we went down — and I lost & found my friends. 2 times. I mean how is that possible in NY :D. Obviously it is. Super cool. Well we then went to Times Square together.

Times Square

I’m still completely stunned from this place. So awesome and super bright.

As last act of this day we went cycling trough the central park. That was super refreshing and super fun. I’d recommend this to everyone, who’s going to NY. So beautiful with the skyline and the trees.

That day was amazing! I love this city. I’ve to go there whenever I can. Period. Oh and it was 35°C. That was not cool. But yeah, deal with it. Small price to pay.

See you. XO Yannick

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