Mama, where’s MoMA?

Day 6 | EF New York

Hi again. :)

Today has been a very awesome day. It all started with breakfast like any other day. Nothing new so far.

After breakfast I got class, a studio class. It was pretty cool because we played this one card game over the whole lesson. Therefore that was actually fun and an alternative to the normal lessons.

At midday I’ve been in my room and had to write and fix some of the last blog posts here, because I hadn’t got time to write everything in it I wanted to, until then.

Afterwards we got this one “review” class in the afternoon, where they explained again some of the important things to us and they interviewed us about how we feel and so on.

Then we got weekend. Yay. So we then made our way to the train station and later on to NYC. On the way to the train station, we crossed this kind guy who gave us the tipp that the Modern of Modern Art (MoMA) is free every Friday. Lucky us. Therefore we changed our plans from shopping to MoMA & shopping.

So after the train cruise, we walked to the MoMA and the super big but fast waiting line. We got in line for the tickets and afterwards in another one for dumping our backpacks (You’ve to do that). Finally after like an hour, we were able to walk around and watch the paintings and sculptures. It was very awesome, because there was an exhibition of Andy Warhole. It was impressive to see all the cans and also the portraits of Marilyn Monroe.

Campbell’s soup cans

Inside the MoMA were so many people so after 2 hours of walking around & getting taught that we are not allowed to film or use flash, we went out of the building. At a time, Rocio was like stunned looking at me and saying, that she might have seen the actor Lucy Hale, which btw. plays Aria in Pretty Little Liars. We were looking out for her but lost her eventually. We’re not sure if it was her, but like Rocio said, it looked alike her. Thats pretty cool. Across the street, there was the MoMA Design Store in which we had to go because it looked really cool from the outside. We haven’t bought anything there, but all the things you can get there, they’re so inspirational.

Hard Rock Café — The Legendary Burger

Afterwards, we met a friend who was telling us that right in front of us is the most famous street food of NYC. But after thinking about it, we decided to go to the shiny, glittering Hard Rock Café at Times Square.

On the way there as well as inside of the Hard Rock Café, we took a lot of pictures and had a fun time. Dinner there was super delicious, like in every HRC on the planet. Yay.

Later on, we strolled on Times Square while watching people and doing some shopping.

We’ve been to the Toys’R’Us store around Times Square and it was overwhelming because there is a giant wheel inside of the building where you can take a ride with!? Thats supposed to be awesome. So we were like teleported back when we were like 10 and had fun of Spongebob Squarepants and a lot of other things.

Me and Olaf at Times Square

When we wen’t outside, there was a guy walking around in an Olaf costume. I love the movie Frozen, especially Olaf. Actually I didn’t want to take a picture with him, but Rocio nearly forced me to. So I did. I had to pay him like 1.50 dollars, but it was okay. Yay. Olaf. Rocio also did so, not with Olaf but with a bunch of Marvel heroes. Expensive, but actually fun. Worth it.

After taking again a lot of pictures and continuing having super fun, we went to a sunglass store. As fancy as we are, we tried a lot of RayBan’s. The guy who’s working in this store was so kind, like a friend. Besides from the fact that they have to do this to increase sales, he was really nice.

Me, Rocio, Mubtasim (Salesman)

After a long session of trying on glasses, we both got a pair which we really liked. And as a result of that, we bought it! Yay. I love them. In addition to that, we shared our facebook accounts to stay in touch with him. Oh yeah, he’s 19 btw. That’s unbelievable. Really. But ok, I’m fine.

Afterwards, as happy as we could be with our new glasses, we strolled around Times Square and then went to the campus again. Arrived at the campus, tired but not sleepy, we hung out and enjoyed the night with others.

See you!
XO Yannick

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