The Arrival

Day 1 | EF New York

Today was finally the day. The whole adventure of 3 weeks NY started.

I got up at 7am to check if I’d packed everything I needed. Later on, at 8am my journey began. The way to the airport was very chilly. No stress at all, I’ve been reading this New York — book a friend gifted me.

Time at the airport was over quite fast, but I had enough time to charge my devices. Then, at approximately 12.30 I went into the plane. Lucky enough, there was only a little girl sitting next to me.

During this 9 hour flight I watched the movie Age of Adeline, Tomorrowland, New Girl s4 e1, The Flash s1 e1. Was quite okay. But watching it on this tiny milky screen, well. Could be worse.

Lunch and all the snacks were super good, thanks Swiss. I’ve never felt hungry or something similar.

When it was finally over, I felt really good to walk, not only those few steps in the aisle, like I did during flight. Then afterwards, passport control. It went really ok. No problems at all.

First picture in NY! So bad, hahah

Later on, there was this woman wearing a pink EF-shirt. I went to her and she put us, another EF student I just met in this very second and me, in a mini van which drove us to the campus.

On the way there, I met Alex. Alex is also an EF student and he’s super fun. Nice to meet him!

After check-in we went to our rooms and afterwards I spend the evening together with him and some other fellow students. Has been a great first day, even when I sometimes felt a bit lost. But I guess thats just a part of the whole experience. I’ve to sleep now. In hometown it would be 3am now. Zzzz…

Bye. XO Yannick

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